Friday 27 January 2023

Nothing Like a Pool for Kids

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

I think the circus is coming to town!!!  On the way to Kenias today I saw this big tent down by abuela's casa.  There are a lot of trailers around and it looks a lot like a circus.  Apparently they have outlawed the wild animal acts now, so it would be trapeze stuff I would imagine.  I must keep my eye out for whats happening.

I was invited to Kenia's for a while because all of the kids were going there for a swim.  Kenia, Carol, Diago, Oscar, Danny and Donte were all there along with Anayele and abuela.  The kids sure had fun splashing each other.  I didn't go in because it is quite cold yet.

I went up on the roof top to take some pictures of the surrounding country side and also looking down on the pool.  I love the roof tops and could spend all day up there.

I headed for home about 3 and spent a little bit of time with Blair and Joanne on the beach.  It was quite a warm day today.  Good for the suntan.  A couple games this evening and off to bed!!  Good Nite!!


  1. You seem to be able to keep busy and out of trouble. Very impressive. Lol


  2. Looks and sounds like a fun day for everyone.

  3. What a great place they have

  4. you should join the circus


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