Saturday 7 January 2023

Spiffing up for a Supper Date!!

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

Today the big project was a haircut for me at 12:30.  I got the same lady as last year to cut my hair and she does an awesome job.  She gives it the big Mexican comb back in the shop and I have to go outside and mess it all up.  It reminds me of my dad with the comb back.

Then an afternoon of doing not a lot.  Sue did some vacuuming and I did some snoring and it was over.  We had reservations at Las Korito's for supper.  We always like some comfort food and Sergio always delivers.  I got a couple pictures of Sue trying to sneak the last of the pico de galeon.  The shots I got make it look like she is taking something she shouldn't.

I gotta have it, I do , I do, I can't not take some!! Is anyone watching me?

I just can't stop my hand.  Don't think anyone sees me!!

On our way to Sergio's we witnessed a couple of roosters on a tin roof having a big fight.  The guy in the house was yelling at them, dogs were barking and the roosters were doing a lot of squawking.  

Have to close off today with a bit of a chuckle.  I can imagine one of the kids saying that to Sue!!
Good Nite!!!


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