Monday 16 January 2023

Off to the Hot Pools

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

Jose and Kenia invited us to spend the day with them at the hot pools.  We have been to some up in the mountain behind La Penita which were quite old but still nice.  This was a different hot springs that comes from a volcano!!  So about 10:30 we loaded into the Jeep and set off to Las Varas. 

The Hot Pool is about a 20 minute drive from Las Varas on a bumpy but quite passible mountain cobblestone road.  

These cows were in no hurry to move for us, so we just kinda followed them along until they headed off into the river beside us.

Here is the map for anyone wanting to try and find them.  The GPS coordinates are 21.1647534,-105.1030975 or Jamurrca Nayarit

Lots of parking and picnic areas to chose from.  When we got there, only 2 other families arrived before us so we had the place to ourselves.  By noon the place filled up and there were over 100 people there after lunch.  Everyone was BBQing and the smell was heavenly.  There is a big pool which is probably 95 degrees or so.  You can stay in it a long time and just soak.  It is very high in minerals which supposedly are good for you.  Then there is a real hot tub which is about 102+ degrees and further down a pool for the kids which is a bit cooler again at about 90 degrees.  The place is super clean and very nice.

Like I said, we were the only ones in the pool when we arrived but it did fill up later.  There was lots of room for everyone!!!

Kenia had picked up some lunch for us in La Penita, and she got us some coconuts to try.  First you drink the milk, or water as they call it.  Then you take it back and they scrape out the soft part to eat.  Then you take it back again and they carve out the harder white coconut to munch on.  I doubt I could survive on Survivor if coconut was all they had to eat!!!  Kenia found some elote for a treat!!

A beautiful day and we headed home about 3 pm.  Kenia has to be back to open El Cafecito at 5. We got back to the MH to see some whales playing in the bay.  There were a couple adults and a couple young ones and they were giving us quite a show.  They were about a mile out so not great for picture taking.  Although it looks like the tail of a whale, that is the whole whale jumping out of the water!! And they make a huge splash as they fall back down.

  A little different sunset tonight with the clouds around.  But a sunset none the less!!!  Good Nite!!


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