Thursday 5 January 2023

We Dodged a Bullet!!

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

Mexico, Mexico!!!  Always something going on here but the real story is about how it gets all blown out of proportion by the newspapers of countries that can't even report accurately on happenings of their own country.  But it sells!!  And if we keep buying it, they will keep publishing it.  Did it have people on edge for a wee while down here....yup.  But it was all happening 5-7 hrs north of us, so we just carried on.  Our friend Dave Oakey cancelled one night of music in Mazatlán and stayed home and relaxed, but it was back to tinkling the ivories the next day!!!  Mazatlán is a little closer to where the action was.  Susan wanted me to post the following and say that it wasn't that bad cause we only took one bullet and it missed her!!!  jk! 

A little research on the history of Mexico will yield you lots of stories of revolutions, uprisings, protests and lots of stories of how the government and the cartel operate here.  I am no expert but I do have an opinion, and as uneducated as it is, your gonna hear it!!  I think the Mexican people have knowledge of how the hierarchy works and have learned to adapt to it.  I think every once in a while the government says to the big boys, whoa! slow down a bit, and that is probably the case here.  Someone was getting too big for their britches and they decided to take him in to read him the riot act.  My bet is that he will be out in a couple days and life will continue. Is it all right or wrong?  Its all about your opinion, but Canada and the USA demand a lot of drugs from these guys each year, so the process will never be shut down.  Greed will be the driving factor and this will cause lots of strife as big boys jockey for position.  Just stay out of the crossfire and you will be fine.

Northern News agencies declared that Mexico was on fire and the Canadian Government should demand all Canadians return home to escape the overwhelming danger to their lives.  Have you ever been to Mexico for the winter.  We aint movin!!!!  We like it here!!!  More chance of you guys freezing to death in the Great White North than me taking a bullet from anyone down here!! Lol  Good Nite


  1. Of course it gets our families back home all worried AND sells newspapers! Gayle clearly posted their location today to ours today so they wouldn't be concerned. They should be at their final destination tomorrow and will be as happy as clams like you are! :)

  2. Yes, the headlines are of course sensational. Knowing where you are and what's going on there and where the troubles might be makes all the difference. Still, as a whole, Mexico could be such a wonderful place. Beautiful land and beautiful people, and it's sad that the troubles go on and on and on....for many years. I enjoy your blog because you actually know and visit with the people who actually live there...Visitors, even for a long while, sometimes keep to themselves in enclaves.

  3. If we listened to government travel warnings we would have missed out on some of the greatest travel experiences of our lives!

  4. So true Lorne, we left Puerto Penasco a few days after the troubles in Mazatlan to start our tour of the Baja with our caravan. We sent a lot of emails to explain that there was very little need to panic. Simply put, it is like stubbing you toe, it hurts but it is a long way from your heart. OK maybe too simply put, I like your description better ;)


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