Wednesday 18 January 2023

Adapting to Fending For Myself

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

The reason Sue has returned to Manitoba is to act as nanny for grandkids Grace and Max while Greg and Kaitlyn head to Singapore.  I had somewhat of an itinerary and I like to follow anyone who is flying on a real time flight tracker.  The same applied here, except as I was watching them fly to Toronto, they were actually on a flight to Vancouver.  So that meant they were on their flight to Japan, long before I even knew the flights had changed.  Oh well, I was watching them with interest and it wasn't even their plane.  Anyway Grace was pretty pumped that Gramma was home and Max is too but he is super sick right now.  

I was invited to join Kenia and Jose for lunch today at their house.  First I went to the Cafecito to see what Kenia was doing and then she drove me to her house in the truck.  The truck is the same vintage as my wood truck back home except it runs much better.  You would never know it was a good truck by looking at it because it is pretty tore up.  There are vice grips holding something together in the dash and I didn't want to check what it was in case something important was being held.  I gave Kenia a tough time about the dirty windows, but she just said Nah its ok!!!  I will find some water an wash them Manana!!!!

Kenia lives on the second floor and there is a rickety stairway going up there.  She has a nice house once you make the climb, which by the way has no railing to speak of.  I love Mexico!!!

We had a lovely lunch on the patio with Victor, Jose, Kenia, and myself.  Tuna and Cron salad on a tortilla!!!  Nothing more Mexican than that!!

You will see me post a lot about Kenia in the next couple weeks because I am going to help her get some things done in her little Cafecito.  She needs some new lights and a sink like this!  Hopefully I can get a few things done for her to make her life easier.

Well that about wrapped up my day.  I got a shot of the estuary on the way home.  It is a pretty place but it is a bit smelly.  The sewer plant is right there so we all call it the stinky bridge.  It is a grey water smell rather than raw sewage so who knows!!  Lets just leave it alone.  Not my circus, not my monkeys!!!

I finally got the TV turned on after a bit of a struggle and then had to figure out what to watch.  Sue generally has me watching some shoot em up dramatic multi plot series, so tonight I settled on Pinocchio.  So simple yet so good.  I loved it!!  Good Nite!!!


  1. Staying busy is good, keeps one out of trouble. Hope Max feels better soon.


  2. Poor little Max. Prayers for a speedy recovery.

  3. Interesting as usual. Hope Su will not get Max sickness


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