Thursday 19 January 2023

Helping Kenia

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

Lots of relaxing in the morning and then off to Kenia's at about 3.  Got there and found out she was not there so I continued downtown.  She was busy moving her trailer into its spot.  Every Thursday is market day and she has to move out of her spot to make room for some vendors who use the spot and have done for a long time.   It is a pain for her but she does ok with it.  The street dogs love helping to clean up after the market!!  Kenia has to sweep her area and pack away all the garbage left from the market.  Then she sets up and does her portioning to get ready for the evenings customers.  I helped a bit, but mostly got in the way.

Kenia likes to do Oreo Frappes and if you want she can add a little Baileys or Kaluha!!  At home we would go to jail for having booze on the shelf.  

Here's a little thought provoker.  Where else than Mexico would you see this going on.  They are renovating a property and all the rubble has been piles in the street.  Two guys, and not young guys, grabbed shovels and went to work.  I came by later and the truck was probably 3/4 full.  One guy had jumped up in the truck and shovelled the rubble to the front as well.  They sure don't mind hard work. 

Just a quick note about the fact that again I was following the wrong flight from Japan to Singapore.  Apparently they were not on it as they spent the night in Japan.  I am giving up on doing the flight tracking because I have no idea where they are anymore.  They are big kids and will figure it all out on their own.

In case anyone is worried about my well being without Sue around to care for me, never fear.  I have mastered the art of boiling eggs to perfection.  They are perfect dipping eggs, so now I won't starve.  And the price of eggs has not risen here in Mexico yet, so I will be fine.   Good Nite!!!


  1. I like Kenia's little trailer, very cute. I'm also glad you won't starve while Sue is busy. Of course I also think that Kenia wouldn't let you starve. LOL


  2. Do you cut the bread in little fingers for dipping?


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