Tuesday 24 January 2023

In Search of Ice Cream

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

I was just enjoying my coffee when I heard "Bread man!!!".   The bread and pastry truck comes twice a week because we need the calories!!  I love the pineapple turnovers, and the croissants are pretty good too.  And just in time to go with my coffee!!  There were lots from the park buying today!!

Today I promised to take the neighbours Danny, Jackie and Miena for a ride in the Jeep to El Monteon.  We have never driven into the town before so were interested what there is there.  It is only about a 10 mile drive to get there so we set off about 10:30.  We at first thought it was a beach town, but it is a few miles to the beach from there.  Like I said yesterday, every little town is getting a nice new sign for the square.

The Jeep ride was fun and the wind in our hair was nice on a warm day like it was.

We drove all the way down the main street and it turned into a country road.  So we just kept on driving for a while. 

There was lots of pineapple growing everywhere and we learned a little about how it is done just by looking.  It seems to be a multi part process where they grow the big stalks of pineapple that bear no fruit, then they cut it and pull it out of one field and place the plant upside down on some other growing plants.  It is like they are pollinating it or something.  Maybe not.  I don't know!!  Apparently it is a long process to grow pineapple and I don't ever plan on doing it so here are some pictures.  Interpret the process as you will!!

Netting prevents sunburn and maybe birds

Note all the cut plants upside down on the growing ones I think for shade maybe!!

And some pineapples probably the size of a softball.

On our trip we went across a bridge and there were turtles all over the place.  They were about a foot across in size.  Neat to see.

We went back through town to try to find some ice cream to no avail so we headed over to Lo De Marcos where we knew there was a shop.

Yup we found it and Miena sure enjoyed her chocolate cone.

Then we headed back home just in time for a swim.  After supper Kenia and I headed down to her friends restaurant in La Colonia.  Christoff works for his parents in the daytime at a restaurant in Guayabitos and in the evening he comes here to sell frappes and coffee drinks.  He has a nice little place.  Christoff and Kenia have been friends for over 10 years and share the same passion for making neat drinks.  Everything was quite tasty.  That ended the day on a good note!  Good Nite!


  1. All of that food and drink looks delicious!


  2. Catching up on my reading. What pretty signs they have put up; so colorful. When I read your blog about the place you are at it always sounds so calm and peaceful. A place to let the days flow by as they may. Keep enjoying.


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