Sunday 8 January 2023

A Sunset Supper

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

This morning we had the highest tide we have had since we arrived.  Although I missed taking a picture of the water coming in the gate of our park, you can see the wet sand inside the gate.  The tides will be receding from now on so this should be the last high one for a while.

I have been talking about getting some of the rust spots fixed on the Jeep, so today the painter was in the park doing other things, so I got him to give me a quote to fix the rust and paint all of the yellow inside and out on the jeep.  He thought for about a minute and placed his official quote on the passenger door of the jeep.  Good thing that the Jeep is dirty!!  I love the Mexican way.  $13000 pesos is about 900.00 cnd so I think I will let him go ahead.  I would like to get ahead of the rust.

Another weird thing is this guy who rides this surf board type thing around in the water.  It is a hoverboard or something like that.  The board rides about a foot above the water and I have no idea what is under the water.  He goes like crazy and the electric motor runs forever.  He goes way out to the island and plays around and then spends a half hour or more in front of our place.  He has incredible balance and very seldom falls off.

We had sunset supper plans with George and Henny tonight up at Mi Lager on the hill.  It is a popular spot to watch the sunset because its up high and looks over the bay.  We got there a bit early and took some pictures of the restaurant and the area around it.  

They serve up huge Pina Colada's and they are really tasty!!!

George and Henny are flying out of here to India for a month to attend a wedding for a young gentleman they know.  They love to travel and are looking forward to it.

The sunset was different tonight because of the big fluffy clouds.  It almost looked angry but in a gentle sort of way.  

It wasn't long before the lights of Rincon Guaybitos and La Penita began to twinkle in the dark.  That meant it was time for the old folks to head home, so that's what we did.  Good Nite!!

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  1. Yup, that yellow Jeep says 'it's time to look after me'. :) Sounds like a good price from what I've heard my boss back home quote. Get 'er done!
    Next thing, you'll be on that hoverboard.
    Nice looking place for a meal. Your days are warmer than ours, wish the clouds would go away for a few days here!


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