Sunday 29 January 2023

Another Supper Out

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

This morning when I went down to the palapa there was a huge pile of rocks on the beach that had been washed up overnight.  I can not fathom how the water has this much power.  I'm going to say there was 10 cubic yards deposited overnight.

I was invited to abuela's for birria this morning.  It is like beef soup and they like to eat it for breakfast.  I kinda like it on a taco rather than in the soup.  It was delicious.

This afternoon everyone was going to meet for lunch about 3 pm somewhere.  I went downtown to the cafecito where Kenia and Oscar were meeting me.  Of course it was 3:45 when they showed up and we still had to drive to Los Ayala which is a 15 minute drive.  

While I was hanging around the Cafecito I took some time to check out the new menus Kenia just got.  In case you want to drop by when she is open this is what she has to offer.

Off we went to Los Ayala to Alex's on the beach.  Alex's restaurant is owned by a friend of the family who was at abuela's earlier this trip for a birthday party I think.  She has Rafial and Diago working with her and it was neat to watch them doing their jobs.  Diago helps in the kitchen and Rafial is a waiter and a pretty good one at that.  



First thing we had was some dried fish with some hot batter on them.  They were like minnows and still had heads and tails.  They were actually quite good but a little crunchy for me.

And then they brought out the main course.  A seafood platter fit for a king. What a great meal it was with shrimp, fish, ceviche, rice and salad.  I guess it makes sense to eat seafood if you are sitting at the beach instead of beef or pork!!

The whole family was there.  Kenia and I ate quickly because she was already late to open the Cafecito back in La Penita.  We were only about 15 minutes late in the end.

One thing the Mexicans like to do is burn things.  Now most everything is built with bricks, so there is not much fear of a fire getting away and burning your house down.  Joel, our gardener, piles all the cuttings along the lane outside our park, and he likes to light it up on a regular basis.  One thing he does not allow for is the wind and which way the smoke is going.  Tonight we got to smell the smoke all night long, because our MH is right beside the back street.  I will survive!!  Good Nite!

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