Saturday 21 January 2023

Old and New Friends Arrive

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

Another beautiful day here in Mexico.  Although our spot here doesn't afford us a direct look at the ocean, we still have a beautiful view down to where it is.  I guess we see a little bit of it, but mostly we can hear it.  

Mid morning I heard a familiar voice and Danny who we had met before and his wife Jackie and daughter Mina pulled in to the park in their converted handy van bus.  I follow them on Facebook and knew that they were taking the ferry from the Baja to the mainland, but they didn't mention coming here, so I was surprised to see them.  Too bad Sue is not here, because she kinda hit it off with Mina before.  She is a cute kid.

A little while later another motorhome showed up with Carl and Suzie from BC, but originally from Manitoba.  They are towing a motorcycle and are staying for a couple months.  Welcome to our world.

I went out to visit with Blair and Joanne on the beach in the afternoon, and to deliver Blairs late Christmas present which Sue ordered for him on Amazon.  He is a BIG, I mean HUGE Winnipeg Jets fan and in their condo is a 75 inch TV.  He has no way of getting the games on it because it wont mirror from his I pad, so this Fire Stick will make it so he can watch on the big screen.  I'm sure we will be able to hear him cheering from their house which is about 4 blocks away!!!

Then off downtown to see what was going on.  One thing to do was get cash at the bank but this is what came up when I used my card!!  Immediately you get that sinking feeling in your gut!!  Oh no I thought it might eat my card but it didn't.  I tried it one more time in a different machine with the same result so something is amiss!  Guess I will have to call the bank and see what is wrong.  Good thing I had a different card which worked.

By the time I was done downtown it was dark and I was hungry.  Normally I would just head home where Sue would have a delicious supper waiting for me, but not right now!!  I am missing her lots and not just for the suppers.  When you normally have someone around to talk to, it is pretty quiet when they are not around!!  Anyway I stopped at the hamburgesa vendor just down the street from us and grabbed a burger and fries Mexican style.  The burgers are about 1/8 of an inch thick and about 8 inches around when they go on the grill, but then they shrink in size to fit a burger bun and end up being about 1/4 inch thick.  He sells a lot of them!!!

I  got it to go and headed back home to eat it and do up a blog.  That was my day!!

I saw a little saying today and it made me think.  We should be careful to channel as much good through our lives as possible, but many times we try to fight things in life when maybe we should just let go of what we can't control and carry on.   
The saying said "What happens, happens and then we are gone!"  A bit thought provoking!!
Good Nite!


  1. Yesterday's night photo was great!! And it always makes me feel happy to see your involvement and being a help with the people who actually live there, like Kenia and others. Good lucking hamburger too!!

    1. WEll, I'm having trouble signing in with that's why I'm anonymous this time. I'm Judith K and have commented before. Sheesh. Oh well.

  2. I like the saying, but a little spice is a good thing.
    The burger looked excellent.



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