Saturday 14 January 2023

A Trip to the Vet

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

Archie had a bit of a restless night so we were up and off to the vet before 9 this morning.  The vet is only on the other side of town and they were just unlocking the door when we got there.  They had a quick look and said they could fix him right up.

No need to bring him inside, we will just operate in the back of the jeep.  Off she went and came back with a needle and it wasn't long and Archie was all starry eyed!!!

Then out came the pliers and a quick pull and it was done.  He didn't feel a thing.  These vets are used to getting the job done under any conditions.  Wow they are good, and very confident.  A quick trim of the rest of the nails while he was out and we were done. 

A quick payment of the bill and we were ready to go.  The bill??  The shot, the work, the cleanup and 6 days worth of antibiotics,,,,,, $370.00  Now that is not dollars, that is pesos which equates to $26.00 CND!!!   We gave them $500 for their prompt service and left.  Sue climbed into the back of the Jeep to keep Archie comfy and we took him home.

He spent lots of time snuffled up with either Sue or I in our chairs.  He is such a suck!!

About 2:30 we headed downtown to meet Luis and Candace and Pat and Harold for lunch.  Our friend Sergio, who owns the restaurant Las Koritas that has the great food, had a motorcycle accident yesterday on the highway.  He is a property manager as well and does lots of commuting between the 3 towns here looking after houses.  He was very lucky to not be hurt too bad, but his motorcycle is a total wreck.  Now down here, insurance is not something that anyone has nor do they expect it of each other, so there will be no compensation for anyone I'm afraid.  The reason we met was because we have set up our own fund raising to buy him a new motorcycle.  Total cost is about $45000 pesos and we have already raised over $20000 pesos.  We feel that it is important to be part of the community and give when it is necessary.  Sergio gives lots to his community and he and his family have been wonderful friends to us since we first came here 3 years ago, and deserves our help to get him going again without an increased financial burden. 

On our way home, Sue bought a lovely throw for my chair.  It is quite colourful and truly Mexican!!!

For supper tonight we cooked up the shrimp that we bought yesterday at the fish market.  They are the big shrimp and do require de-vaining.  Are they ever yummy with rice and the sauce that Sue makes.  

Another sunset in the books and I was just noting that it has been a month since we entered Mexico.  My how time flies!!  Good Nite!!


  1. Sue made a great looking shrimp and rice dinner. Good to hear Archie is doing better.

  2. Glad Archie is doing better. We all want a little comfort when we have a medical issue!
    So happy to hear that your friend wasn’t hurt too badly, it’s very good of you all to help him with the expense of a new motorcycle. Sunsets on the water are so very different than here in the desert.



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