Thursday 12 January 2023

Breakfast with Some Beauties!

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

We were up a little later this morning but still had lots of time to be ready to go for breakfast with Kenia and Jose.  As it turned out, Jose got called away to work related stuff before we arrived, so he was not there.  The restaurant is down a little alley, right across from the Rentaria Clinic.  If you didn't know it was there, you would miss it.  A wonderful little place and it is Kenia's friend that owns it of course.

Breakfast was incredible.  It was very well presented and super tasty.  Not at all overpriced for what I thought it might be.  Sue's French toast looked and tasted awesome.

No idea what the green thing is nor will I ever eat it!!

After our late breakfast we took a walk down to the local Tianguis (flea market).  We met up with abuela Tina and Anayele.  The girls had fun with me trying to say tianguis because I kept saying tanga which apparently is not even close to the same!!!  Now I know how to say "thong"!!

Well anyway they had a laugh.  Now I know and it probably won't be the last thing I pronounce wrong!!!   The reason we went by the market was to check out the local glasses store.  The lady there was quite professional and offered me glasses that tint when you are in the sun.  Maybe I should get this kind cause I never have sunglasses handy.  I also need progressives so I thought her quote of $4800 pesos's all in, was not that bad.  I think I will order some.

For supper we were invited to Blair and Joannes in their suite.  They have a lovely place a few blocks from us.  I marvel at how modern things can be in a house that is just a normal Mexican dwelling.  It sometimes seems a little out of place for the area.  Note the 70 inch TV for watching hockey!!!  Supper was delicious and we never got any pictures of it. You will have to take my word!!!

One of the things we saw on the way to their house was a cable repair man trying to figure out which wire was which.  I always think of my buddy Cam who spent many years working for MTS, and he must cringe if ever he sees this tangled mess!!!

Archie got to spend the evening at home so was happy when arrived back and let him outside to patrol his domain.  He is turning into a very good dog!!!  That was our day!!!  Good Nite!!


  1. It sounds like a great time. The food looked good, but you should try the green thing, you might like it. Lol


  2. i'm hungry haha


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