Monday 23 January 2023

The Cafecito is Growing

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

I puttered away at fixing things in the El Cafecito today.  I put up a couple of shelves so Kenia has more room to keep things.  The Cafecito is small so every shelf helps keep her work area clean.  One day she will have a bigger place to work out of.  Kenia bought a gazebo and a couple tables and chairs.  She put some lights up to make it look pretty and it does.  The cloud were around for a while today and we actually got about 6 drops of rain.  That is the first since we arrived in December.

I went home for a little while and then walked down the beach later to have some supper. On the Malicon by the beach was something new!!  The government has invested in making sure every town has a pretty name sign on the malicon or in the square.  La Penita just unveiled theirs today and it is sure pretty.  Lots of nice murals on it.

Another thing I noticed was where the fishing boats were parked tonight.  They must be expecting a high tide tonight because usually they are down on the beach farther and not over the sidewalk.

Kenia made me a ham sandwich for supper and it was delicious.  A bit big for me but oh well. 

My little rice pudding girl walked by so I grabbed a pudding for the road.  Boy they sure make good rice pudding here.

The lights along the estuaray were pretty on my walk back home along the beach.  The waves are not as angry tonight so something is changing.  We will find out tomorrow.  Good Nite!


  1. A good day. The right amount of rest and work.


  2. Kenia little business is looking spiffy! I love the whole setup.
    That sandwich is huge!

  3. Kenia's little place in town is looking really cute.


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