Friday 20 January 2023

Remodelling the Cafecito Begins

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

Ever since Kenia announced that she would buy her little Cafecito trailer, I have promised her that I would help her fix it up to make it more workable for her.  Today was the day to start this adventure.  Before we started we took time to have a little lunch with everyone.  Its always nice to be with this group of pretty ladies.

Then it was off to the Cafecito to begin the demolition.  The one end of the trailer had been used as a cooking area with a big clumsy metal over stove hood.  It took up a lot of room and made it really cramped to do things.  So I sent Kenia in there with a screwdriver to get the hood loose.

I worked on the inside

While Oscar provided backup by running errands and getting tools.

It wasn't long and we had it tore out and then there was room for Kenia's new fridge beside the freezer.  

The other thing she needed was some decent lighting inside over her work area.  2-4ft LED lights put together fixed that problem.  

Then Kenia went to work and organized everything.  We will build her some shelves later to store all her stuff, but I am taking the weekend off. LoL  

After supper I went up to the La Penita RV Park for the music jam.  Tonight they had 6 people jamming.  They are all very good and they were really into it tonight.  It reminds me of our jam sessions on the deck back at Cj's in the summer.

The setup they had for the mics and guitars amplification reminded me that I need to find a good mixer and some speakers for Cj's this summer.  The one they have here is kinda what I need.

After the music jam I headed down the beach to downtown.  I wanted to have a look at the lighting in Kenia's Cafecito.  It is a beautiful night with a high tide sending mist into the town.

The Cafecito was lit up like nobodies business.  Kenia was all smiles because her work area was so much handier than before.  Once we get those shelves done it will be even better. 

I saw this on Facebook today and thought, yes I know what they are talking about.  Down here, Alto or stop is just a suggestion, unless a crooked cop wants to get you.  It really means if you think you are in danger of being hit, stop, but otherwise just slow a wee bit and if things get tense, blow your horn and proceed.  It is amazing to watch the flow of traffic with very few accidents.  They drive aggressively but respectfully so it all works.  Good Nite!!

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  1. Kenia's Cafecito has really improved with those few small additions. Great work to both of you! She must be tickled pink. Plus, it is keeping you out of trouble. 🤣


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