Tuesday 10 January 2023

Watched a Little Netflix today!

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

We spent a quiet day around home today.  Even worked in a nap!!  We did venture down to the beach and the only action was a guy playing in the water with his soccer ball.  He was very good with it and could control it in the air with his feet.  I know its not very interesting but it is all I have for you today!!

Oh yes and I think we are going to order a new top for the Jeep.  Nothing fancy, just something that works to keep the sun off and protects against a light shower.  Remember the price is in peso's, not dollars so its actually a good price.

With the cartel stuff that happened in Mexico last week, we thought it was time to brush up on what actually goes on.  Now I know that Netflix is not always the best source of accurate information, but it gives a good insight into the whole operation.  As in any government, corruption is not uncommon and everyone is fighting to be the most powerful and rich human being.  That certainly comes with a good dose of hardships.  El Chapo is a good show to watch.  El Chapo junior is the cartel leader that was just arrested here in Mexico, and El Chapo, his father. remains in a high security prison in Colorado to this day.

And another day came to an end with another great sunset.  Good Nite!

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