Sunday 10 December 2023

A Bike Ride and Some Projects

WHERE ARE WE? San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico

So I decided to take the new ebike for a rip today and go downtown on it.  This bike is my give in to bikes with "assist".  In fact the pedals are only there for somewhere to put your feet so they don't drag on the ground.   You can pedal it like a normal bike, or with assist on it will help you up the hills, or best of all you just turn the throttle and your off!!!  Today I averaged 7 mph but that included being in the store for a while.  I actually did 18 mph all the way home!!  This will be a handy rig for all kinds of things anywhere we go.  

Route today 7.8 miles

Along the way I went by a couple buildings that have had some protesting going on lately.  Apparently, and this is only grapevine information, the finished building had all the condo's sold to mainly gringo's and then a Mexican lady came along and had papers that showed she owned the whole building and she, along with some "authorities" evicted them all.  Now they are protesting because they lost their investment.  Who knows.  

The unfinished building was in the process of being constructed about 10 years ago when it was shut down because the building owner didn't own the land it was built on!!! Once again rumors only but this is the land of buyer, seller, renter, beware!!  It all makes for a fun story except if your the one that lost the money!!!

Back home there were a couple projects going on.  One being the cold smoking of some eggs and fish and meat.  Michael loves to smoke things and so he did up a bunch of stuff and had room for some for us.  It sure smelled yummy!!

Sue was busy giving cupboard painting demonstrations in Percy.  She had Ollie and Sandra watching, and Sandra even got her hands dirty!!!  

I call this the smearing part


This is where the door came from so I guess the whole cabinet will be next.

My project involved a little screw up I made with the solar.  I didn't run the negative solar panel wire through the shunt, so the charging information I was getting on the display was very low.  This will also affect the charging of the batteries as this information regulates the charge controller.  I had to give my head a shake for that little mistake because I knew better.  All fixed.  This is the display later in the day.

We ended the day with a community potluck appies and a bonfire with lots of good conversation.  There is a real good group of people here who go about their own business normally, but love to get together once in a while for a visit.  Lets see if I remember who all was here.   In no particular order, - Sandra & Michael, Ollie, Jody & Wayne, Greg & Laurie, Chris, Tim & Sheila, Bruce, and Sue & I.  The dogs were Indy, Mojo, and Archie!!  (the big A!!).

The view from the window tonight!!!   Good Nite!


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