Tuesday 5 December 2023

A Home Day on the Beach

WHERE ARE WE? San Carlos Mexico

We just hung around the beach today and rested up, not that we were that wore out!!!  Just nice to have a down day.  We saw boats, dolphins (no pictures) egrets, blue herons and sat and chatted lots.  

I've learned that San Carlos is not a traditional Mexican town but rather a Mexican upper class weekend retreat and a spot for northerners to migrate to in the winter months to live in a bit of an upscale resort town.  There are very pretty and I imagine expensive condo's just down the beach from us, and the other direction there are highrise condo's being built.   It won't be long and this little stretch of pretty beach will be swallowed up by development.

We did manage to get together before sunset out on the beach and it was a little different tonight.  Some clouds tend to make it more spectacular.

This is the little encampment we call home and Robert and Stephanie joined us today.  The weather is great and the friendship is awesome.   

And the view out our window is always the best.  Good Nite!!

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