Monday 19 February 2024

Fly Ball and a Bouncing Bike

WHERE ARE WE? Numero UNO RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico

Today was the time to fix the burned out electrical box from yesterday.  I found some parts in the pool room and Normand bought and installed a new plug and we were back in business just like nothing ever happened.  The salt air and moisture doesn't do well with electrical and things like that.  The parts just have to be replaced more often than we are used to doing back home.

With that all done, I went downtown for breakfast with Kenia.  We went to La Avenida restaurant and it was really good.  I had never eaten here before, but I would certainly go back based on our breakfast.  I have always thought that this would be a great little restaurant for Kenia to own.  Maybe one day.

A week or so ago, I had a flat tire on the lectric bike and when I pumped it back up, I kept the tire pressure down quite a bit to make the ride smoother.  Well the one thing I noticed was that at about 10 kms/hr it started to bounce and I would have to slow down.  I thought it was just because I had lowered the air pressure.  So today I borrowed Wades tire pump again and when I went to put the pump hose on the tire, I noticed that the tire bead was not in the rim for about 25% of the rim.  The tube was actually sticking out, making the tire out of round.  

Its hard to see but thats how the bead was sticking out.

I managed to get the tire bead back on the rim and put a little more air in the tire.  Hopefully it will hold in place.  The tires that come with these bikes are a little lacking in the quality department.  I'm sure I will have to buy some new ones in the near future.

The way it should be, but there is a little wear on the sidewall now.

Karl organized a Flying Ball game today.  We had 8 people plus 2 ball ladies and a ref show up.  We had a lot of fun and have no idea who the winning team was, because we switch it up a lot.

After the game, the girls arrived back from a day of shopping in Costco.  They only went in for a few things but the jeep had more than a few things in it.  There was hardly even room for Rhonda in the back!!!

After supper I headed down town to see what was happening.  It was not very busy and the Carnival was tearing down and moving out.  Not much left of the Ferris Wheel!!

I managed to get a little time to hang out with Kenia.  Normally she is too busy to visit.

I like to walk back on the beach and tonight it was super dark.  Trying not to get your feet wet can be a challenge with the waves crashing onto the sand.

No sunset tonight but there is the lit up fishing town of La Penita.  It is like a second home to us now and we enjoy its Mexican authenticity.  Good Nite!


  1. Nice job on the plug.
    The crashing waves are always fun to listen to and dodge on a sandy beach.



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