Thursday 22 February 2024

Adapting to Mexico Means Eating Taco's with Hot Sauce

WHERE ARE WE? Numero UNO RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico

The day was perfect for relaxing and that is what I did.  I had nothing to do until it was time to move the Cafecito back to its spot for the week.  Now that I have changed my hitch to be lower, I can do the move all by myself.  So about 4:30 I headed downtown to make the big move.

For supper tonight I had a hankerin for a taco or 3 so I grabbed some at the taco stand on the Avenita.  I am at the point now that I load them up good with lots of stuff including the hot stuff.  This one made my taste buds stand up and pay attention.  

I went by the Cafecito and Oscar was hard at work making a fruit cup for someone.  It looks like it will be a busy evening for them.

 I headed home down the beach and on my way passed by the fishermans boat all lined up waiting to go out in the early morning.  Each one has a name which is normally the name of who owns it.  Locos Don Suerte is one of the boats.  The name means "Crazy People with Luck"!  

Once I get by the boats the beach is quite dark.  There is always a bird flying up or a dog on the beach that scares me, but that's only for a second and not that often.  The sky looks angry, but those are not clouds but rather the salt mist from the waves.  I live down that way somewhere.  The walk is only about a quarter mile long so its not that far.  Another day in the life is complete.  Good Nite!!

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