Thursday 17 March 2022

St Patricks Day with Friends

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

Spent most of the day around the house doing silly things.  One of the routine things is when Archie gets in the playful mode.  Sue spent some time playing tug with him.  He is really strong with those short little legs and you almost have to hold on with two hands.  

While we were out on the beach, a lady came by on horseback.  

About 5 Sue and I realized that we have absolutely nothing in the house for supper.  Well in that case, lets do the best thing and go out for a supper date.  I said it would be nice for just the 2 of us to do the supper thing for a change.  So off we went down the beach.  Sunset had just happened so the sky was beautiful.

When we looked over our shoulders, the almost full moon was showing up.  We have had some pretty bright nights here with the full moon.

The sea horses on the Malicon were pretty in the darkening sky's.

We went to a little restaurant down by the beach and went upstairs to enjoy the evening.  All of a sudden we heard a "Hi Guys!!"  A group of friends from the big RV Park were having supper there as well.  Well it went from a date to a party real quick.  It is so good to get together with these friends who we have not seen that much this year with all the craziness.  Apparently the group was originally Wally and Pat, Dave and Dawn and Tim who were going out to celebrate St Paddies Day.  They were all dressed in the green.  On the way down town they ran into Del and Leslie, and further down the road, Joe and Vivianne.   Then Sue and I showed up and boom we had a party!!!  We had a great meal and some good conversations.

I had the lasagna which was so so.  I have noticed that unless the chef is from the north, the food is rather bland.  Mexican food is all about the heat.  They love to add the hot sauces to spice things up which is delicious when it comes to taco's, burritos etc.  

I saw this today and it is so true.  People say its gotta be true cause I saw the pictures.  Don't believe everything you see about things.  And PLEASE don't share it if you are not absolutely sure it is true.  I am a don't tell me, show me person.  I ask two questions about everything, is it possible and is it reasonable based on the circumstances.

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