Thursday 24 March 2022

The Ponderosa is Shining Now!

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

Today we got the Motorhome washed and waxed.  I like to get it done just before we leave to rid it of all of the salt that collects on it over a few months.  The outside actually gets sticky to the feel and of course all of the dust sticks on it.  Martin and Monica have a washing business here in La Penita along with our friends Steve and Anna who are actually from Saskatchewan.  They washed it for us a couple years ago and did a wonderful job.  They employ a couple local lads to work with them.

Martin did a little test strip of oxidization removal on the side.  He uses a 3000 grit wet sandpaper and you can see the oxidization wash off.  When he was done he showed us the finish even without wax and it was white and shiny just like new.  We will talk to him about doing the whole thing next fall and maybe get the decals repainted as well.  They certainly know a lot about paint and automotive finishes. 

Archie and I went for a walk on the beach today and saw all the dead puffer fish and eels.  Apparently there is something like a red tide right now and the smaller fish closer to shore are affected.  Frank from our park spent some time digging a hole to bury them so they don't start to stink.  Also you don't want to step on one because they have very sharp needles like a porcupine.  Hope this doesn't last too long.

Kenia and Oscar spent some time with us today.  Oscar likes to watch movies and torment Archie, and Kenia likes to cook.  She cooked up a chicken pasta dish that was to die for.  She knows how to make all the flavors just dance.  She also cooks some of her smile into it as well and that makes it really good.  Thank you Kenia for doing this for us.

Supper was delicious!!  Kenia and Oscar did eat with us as well, their plates had not been served up yet when I took the picture.

It's always nice to go to bed on a full stomach!!  Oh wait, I think we went downtown and got a churro as well!!   Goodnight.

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