Sunday 13 March 2022

The Girls are Painting

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

We are starting to feel the crunch of leaving this beautiful place.  I was just talking about the long old road home, and it is a long way!!  We were discussing what our options are for spending the winters where we don't have to worry about the cold.  We could have the option of doing like we did for the first few years and only travel to the southern US for the winter.  The plus is less miles travelled, and lots of cheap or free camping.  The downside to that is to find weather that is of a quality that we are not fighting wind or coolness for those December, January, February months.  We have watched our friends in Texas and Arizona having some less than comfortable weather this year.  We were fortunate in our southern US travels to hit Florida when the west was crappy, and the west when Florida was crappy, and then we threw in a little South Central like Louisiana where it was crappy on both sides!!   We feel that our odds of having great weather in the southern US are not great for us now because we have used up all our luck.  

So we weigh all of that with the extra 15-1800 kms we travel to La Penita and the Toll costs of $4-500 Cnd, and the fuel  ($1000 - 1500 cnd)which is not a small thing anymore, along with camping fees ($3000 Cnd) which are actually more expensive than the USA  and have to make a decision.   Our decision to come here is mainly because of two things.  1.  the people and community and  2. the weather.   I am a believer that there are no better people in the world than the Mexican people around here.  They will give you the shirt off their backs and will look out for you to the end of the earth.  The culture is laid back and non stress and life is very non-demanding.  And the weather is the exact same every single day.  24 to 28C sunny with a light breeze every single day!!   That in itself is worth the drive.  So we love all our friends who travel to, or live in the southern US, but we will be only spending time with you in the fall and spring for the foreseeable future.  Mexico has captured our hearts for the time being.   Things may change that will lead us to a different lifestyle, but until that day we will come back to Mexico.  (Your always welcome to come with us!!)  Here is the forecast to show you the weather!!

One of the things Sue enjoys doing is painting.  She enjoyed painting with Scott up at the other park and totally missed out on that this year so she decided to just have a little painting class here in our park.  Most of the ladies in the park and Kenia showed up and had a great time!!!  I think they did very well.

The guys went up to Blairs and played some Texas Holdem.   Yes I lost!!!  50 Pesos!!! Lol  Thats about $3 Cnd.  I guess I will get over it one day!!!

Tonight was the last night of Hamburger Night at the La Penita RV Park so I wandered up there to have a burger.  We sure did enjoy the park when we were there and there was really only one thing that I didn't like.  That was the distance and elevation to town and back.  It plum clean wore me out to go down town for a quart of milk!!!   It was about a mile and a half down town and back and the last part of the journey was a big ole hill!!!  The trip is a lot easier from our current park which is 1/4 mile from downtown and is flat all the way.

I enjoyed some time with George and Henny and our friend Karen was mentioning that she still enjoyed our blog so I got a picture of her.  The picture of her looking at the camera was all blurry, so this one will have to do.  Thanks for following along with us Karen!!

That was about it for our day.  A quiet walk home, some TV and off to bed.  Goodnight!!


  1. You make some very good points on why you and Sue make the trip every year!
    I have enjoyed the blog posts thar you write about your adventures

  2. Maybe some year we will join you in Mexico. For now we will enjoy our visits with you when we get them.


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