Thursday 3 March 2022

How a Fishermans Day Ends!!

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

Not much happening around here today.  Larry is getting all the stripes and decals redone on his truck camper.  He is using the same people everyone else has used and they do the decals by hand.  Here is how they tape it off and then the end product.

Sue and I took a walk downtown and as we were going by the fishermen, a boat was coming in to the beach for the day.  I got a few pictures of the neat way they do this.  Before doing this he drops all his crew off as close to shore as possible, then he roars out and sits watching for just the right wave.  Then he guns it just like an airplane on the takeoff roll.  Here he comes!!

His crew man holds up a red pole for him to aim at so he doesn't run into any of the parked boats.

At the last minute he lays down his pole which will be used for a roller, and dives out of the way!!!

The boat slides up the sand and plastic pipe rollers for about 75 feet before coming to a stop.

Thats it for another fishing day here in La Penita, Mexico.  Hope you had a wonderful day as well. Goodnight!!

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  1. I'm not understanding why he rushed up like that into the beach. What did i miss our is it just for show?
    The water is beautiful!


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