Friday 25 March 2022

A Beach Day with La Penita RV Park Friends

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

Spent some time getting the Motorhome ready to travel.  One of these days we will be hitting the road, just not sure which one.  Sue and Kenia did a big clean up inside and I am in charge of getting the outside ready to go.  Yesterday was wash day and today I am gathering up all the outside towels, taking down the gazebo and packing the basement.  There have not been any bugs to speak of here so all of the window screens go neglected.  They get pushed on by dogs which eventually dislodges the screen from the frame.  Also with the salty air rolling in off the ocean, they get sticky and dusty which means they need a good scrub.

All of the mats and screens need a good hose down before folding them up. 

We were invited to a beach day over in the old RV Park today.  There are only a few people left there now so it was a nice visit with those remaining.  We are so grateful for the friendships we made there 2 years ago.  Thanks for inviting us.  We arrived on the beach and parked beside our twin.  I have to show off the fresh wash job on mine.  

We pulled up a stump and joined the circle.  Lots of good conversation and food to boot!!

Brian propose a nice toast to all of those who have passed on before us and those who are not able to come here anymore, and finally to all of those who spent the winter in this piece of paradise.  Salud!!

We had a pretty sunset with everyone there.  Everyone was trying to get the best picture.  

So the beauty of a sunset has nothing to do with the temperature.  Wanda sent me this picture of a beautiful sunset except it was like -30C there.  I love the vibrant sun dogs and I can also feel the crispness of the air.  I guess a little part of me wishes to feel that every once in a while. (I just stuck my hand in the freezer and am over it now!!) 

Everyone was wondering how to get the fire started because some of the wood was damp and the cardboard just wanted to smolder.  George said "Hold my Beer" and left and then came back with a tiger torch.  No problem getting the fire going with that thing!!!

 Hope everyone stays warm and cozy tonight.  We have a nice fire to sit by so we will be ok.  Goodnight!!


  1. Two beautiful sunsets even though one is in the cold north. I had a giggle about the hand in the freezer.
    Sounds like a wonderful day with friends.

  2. You'll be happy to know that it's getting warmer here. No more of those frigid sun dogs

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