Sunday 6 March 2022

Hamburger Night and a Silent Auction

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

There is always someone that wants to be buried in the sand.  This little guy was grinning from ear to ear first of all that he was being buried and secondly because I took his picture.

Today we were invited to hamburger night at the La Penita RV Park.  We like to participate in these events because they are fundraiser's for the education fund.  That fund supplies much needed money to send local students to university.  The park normally sets a goal of supporting 11 students through their education.   Tonight in addition to the hamburger sales, they were having a fundraiser as well.  Joel and Louise did a great job organizing it and I think it even exceeded their expectations. 

One of the best items was a half dozen butter tarts made by Karol.   We paid 650 pesos to take a package home with us.  They were baked today the Canadian way and are sooooo tasty.

After the auction we spent some time at the bar visiting with old friends.  It is so neat that we can still be included in some of the social activities at the park.  Our butter tarts were under the careful watch of everyone and we had to tell them quite often, not to look at them cause they weren't getting a bite!!  In the end we only escaped with 4 tarts, and they didn't last past 10 pm.

We enjoyed our time visiting as always.

And Steve and Julie looked after our parchment needs quite professionally!!  Thanks!  I think a good night was had by all.  Goodnight!

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