Monday 7 March 2022

A Haircut and a Bonfire!!

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

Today marked the start of the spring departures in our park.  Normand and Suzanne and Doug and Darcy both left today to start their migration north.  Normand and Suzanne went as far as San Luis Polosi today which is over half way to the Texas Border.  Doug and Darcy will be spending a few days at Lake Chapala before heading out to Texas as well.  We hope to see Normand and Suzanne here next fall but Doug and Darcy have plans for other travels next year.  Its been fun!!  

Susan had made an appointment for Archie to get a haircut today.  It is time to get a little bit of a trim before we start heading back home.  We headed downtown to drop him off at 9 am.  

He was a little sceptical as we got closer to the groomer.  The groomer is actually the vets wife so he has to go through the vet clinic.  It is funny how animals can smell that place and tend to be hesitant.  I had to physically lift him into the clinic but once he was in, he was ok.

They told us to come back around 11 to pick him up so we had time for breakfast.  We went to a little German place for a change.  The breakfast was ho hum but filled the belly. 

After breakfast we did a couple errands.  One of the things was to check out internet providers to see if we could get our own internet supply.  We had trouble finding the place as it is a small place and was hidden behind a delivery truck.  Can they fix us up?  Well of course they can and its not that expensive.  We will see how it works.  They said they will install it in a couple days so we can try it this year before leaving and then we will have it for next year if its a good thing.  A couple Mexican days could mean a week, so we are not holding our breath.  (Remember the word "Manana").

The other errand was to buy a couple nice cushions from the fabric store.  I have a plan for them!!!

Then we were off to pick up Archie.  My he looks and feels sooo good after a grooming.  Because he is a part wire hair terrier, his hair gets quite course as it grows out.  When he gets a trim, they take it right down to the underfur which is really soft.  We got them to leave his ear tufts which gives him personality along with the eyes!!

When we got home I threw the cushions, guess where?  Yup, in the back of the Jeep on the plywood frame I had built.  They will do for now until I can find an actual seat for back there.  Better than just plywood.

We had a nice little gathering at the palapa tonight for happy hour with some nice treats and a couple games of Skip-bo.  Sorry Normand and Suzanne that you were not here tonight to play.  

I tried a couple different things for the sunset pic tonight.  I locked in a picture of the sun in one of them!!  The sun is moving fast out into the ocean.  We notice the movement every day.

We topped it all off with a nice fire.  Thanks for getting the wood arranged John.

I saw this picture on FB and thought what is it about.  Then I read on and it is quite true.  We are so concerned in how we look on the outside that we don't work on building the inside.  The inside is what really counts.  It is the part that is most important when the day is over.  

That's how some houses are, that's how some people are, that's how some lives are.
Only façade, no content.
I thought about it, and yes, it's true!!  It must be lonely living there.  Think about it!!

Good Night!!


  1. Love the "locked in sun", very creative :-) And Archie looks great!

  2. Looks like you found another new place to spend your winters.
    Quite a change in culture as well.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Archie, you are so handsome! You and Gibbs would have so much fun together! :)
    Love the pictures of the sunset and your companions. Food looks yummy.
    You're so clever with the lock.
    Very interesting final paragraph and photo. How true! ♥

  4. Woah, that was a big transformation for Archie! We had a Springer Spaniel that would go into a depression when we got him trimmed. After a couple of days he was back to his normal self and loving the lack of hair.


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