Tuesday 29 March 2022

A Couple Sniffles in the House

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

I had to go to Guayabitos to pick up some things this morning so Kenia and Katerine came along for the Jeep ride.  We of course had to stop at the bouncy car for a quick ride.

And I was hungry so a quick stop at Wanda's.  Wanda's is a Canadian place with Canadian type food.  It is neat to get some of the things we take for granted back home, but it is a little more like back home prices as well.  Well worth it!!!  Kenia had a loaded baked potato.  Katerine wanted fries and how could you resist a cute little girl like that from sharing your fries!!!

Well we have done really good down here for not getting sick up till now.  The old flu bug has finally hit us.  Sue went down today with a cough and sniffles.   Normal remedies were used for starters, but Kenia insisted that she has a concoction that will straighten a person out.  She got busy and started brewing something for Sue.  

Then she added a little bit of this!!!

And a bit of that!!

And some whatever its is!

Once it came to a boil there was more stuff into the caldron!!!

And finally some of this stuff!

Listo!!!! Ready.  Now she sent it home with me.. Included in the care package was a bacon sandwich and a chocolate, banana, strawberry smoothie.  Do you think Sue is a bit spoiled???  Naaaa!!!

The concoction was certainly powerful and had a kick to it.  I think it will fix her right up!!  Careful it is hot!!


But the sandwich hit the spot after nothing to eat all day.  Thanks Kenia for fixing her up.  I think she is on the mend.   Good night!

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  1. Awww...that little girl is so cute. The hamburger and the smoothie looked delicious. Great pictures today...lol. Elva Shannon


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