Wednesday 9 March 2022

New Wifi and Last Supper

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

Our friends and neighbors John and Lauren have decided to hit the road and go back to BC for the summer.  That meant that the fence we had been sharing for the last month or so had to be put back to where we originally had it around our yard.  We are not that happy with their decision to leave, but they have to do what is best for them.  Archie will sure miss Emma and the big yard.

You can see where the fence was!!

A couple days ago, Sue had checked into having our own Wifi here in the park.  The parks wifi is stretched to the limits with all sorts of streaming demanding every little bit of bandwidth.  Now you can belly ache about the parks wifi, which seems to be the general case here, or you can do something about it as we decided to do.  It is not very expensive to get your own service, so we decided to try it.  Today the guys showed up and installed it for us.  It is like a mini dish antenna on the motorhome with a modem inside.  We had to buy the equipment and will pay a monthly fee for it.  We just cancel it for the summer and hook it back up next fall when we get here.  It seems to work quite well.  Of course everyone wants to get on our wifi now!!  NOT!!!

We saw an interesting post on FB this afternoon.  A friend of ours from home walked down to the lake yesterday    QA over great big snow drifts and took some pictures of CJ's.   I don't think the snow is melting very fast by the looks of it.  Hopefully the snow load is not too great for the deck roof.  If the temps rise a bit it would slide off but based on our friends attire, temps are not that balmy!!!  Thanks Jen for the pictures.

Archie and I went for a little walk just before sunset.  He loves to explore along the beach.

We saw a couple of young people playing in the water and a big crasher knocked one of them over.  It was funny to watch them trying to scramble to shore before the next one.

Sunset was not spectacular, but a sunset none the less.  A shrimp boat has anchored by the island for the night.

Because John and Lauren are leaving tomorrow, we decided to go out for a last supper.  Sergio has ribs on Wednesdays but he was booked solid tonight.  However after John brought Sergio's wine shipment home from downtown in his truck, a booking for 4 magically appeared.  Thanks so much Sergio for working us in.   We had a great supper and lots of laughs.

Here is some of the crew that serves us such delicious meals.

What an awesome way to end a day.  Last year I always liked to show you the view out our window.  Tonight I will show you the view out our front window lol.  We are about a foot away from a big concrete wall of the 3 story building next to us.  It does afford us lots of shade though which keeps us cool inside.  Goodnight!!

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  1. It is sad when we have to pull out for home, no matter when it is or how long we've been down here.
    Love the Archie on the beach picture.


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