Friday 3 December 2021

Moving on Down the Road

WHERE ARE WE? Araz Junction, Yuma, AZ 

Today was move day.  It is time to move on down the road and get ready for our departure to Mexico in 10 days or so.  George and Henny are moving as well up to the Parker AZ area to enjoy some time by the Colorado River.  We all gathered for morning Happy Hour for the last time as a group this time.  

It was soon time to say our goodbye's and off they went.  We sure enjoyed our time with them and look forward to meeting up in Mexico next month.  Safe travels.

Next it was our turn.  Man, we will miss Chuck and Angie.  They are staying around Q for the winter, and we did discuss the fact that we plan to come out of Mexico through Texas in the spring and maybe we will cross paths somewhere around Magnolia Beach or Falcon Heights.  Fingers crossed.  Angie took a picture of us as we were leaving.  See you later guys!!!

Some of you may recognize where we went by today.  The guns are iconic to Southwestern travelers.

Yuma is a very green area in a desert.  Lots of vegetables grown here.  The main ingredient to the success of vegetables is irrigation, and there is lots of that here.  The crops are rotated so there is always something being harvested.  The smell of something like cabbage or cauliflower fields is amazing.  It is that moist earthy smell that makes you smile.  

Everything is soooo green.

We are going to spend a few days in this country doing some shopping for stuff we will need in Mexico.  We want to take in the Yuma Market as well because we need an RV mat and some various nicks and nacks.  We are parked up at Araz Junction, which is just off I-8 by the road to Algadones Mx.  It is a boondocking area that lots of snowbirds use when they are visiting Algadones.

We have found out that when your sandwiched between a major interstate and a railway track, there is always noise of some sort.  We will survive I'm sure and trains are no stranger to us after living in Rivers Manitoba where the CN mainline passes through.  We had a short Happy Hour and then off to get our own suppers and some TV and bed.  More fun tomorrow.

Hey Jeremy G do you think I should grab it.  It puts my faith back in the money I spent last winter!!! 

I saw this the other day and it is a pretty good caption of how I operate.  If you know me, I think you would agree.  I do not take things at face value, nor do I buy the status quo.  There is always another explanation which follows the lines of common sense with a wee bit of wisdom gleaned from a lifetime of experiences.  The scary part is that sometimes I am not far off reality.  Hope you do what you believe in.



  1. American Girl Mine road isn’t far up the road, first exit on the right (OGILBY ROAD); great boondocking on the right after the tracks. Much quieter and some nice hikes/rides there too. Have fun.

  2. We spent our nights at the casino when we were there, lots of people but we felt comfortable leaving our rig there while we went to Mexico. That jeep looks like but seems pretty spendy for a 2000 with 200,000 miles!

    1. I have one for sale if you want one. 15000 US takes it away!!!!

  3. There is a free are behind Pilot Knob also, passed the LTVA area to the west, much quieter. We will arrive at Pilot Knob on Tuesday.

  4. Sounds like you're set up nicely, close to Yuma and your trek to Algodones. Hope we can still cross paths. :)

  5. Hi. I'm a new follower. Araz Junction...I never knew that area had a name. Elva Shannon

    1. I'm not sure that is the official boondockers name but thats what it says on the map.

  6. What a deal on the Jeep. It's the yellow that does it! :) Enjoy the journey and be safe.


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