Friday 10 December 2021

Time for Some New Batteries

WHERE ARE WE? Snyder Hill BLM, Tucson AZ 

Archie had to be at the vet at 8:45 this morning to get some kind of follow up shot that he needs to complete everything for the Mexico trip.  He has to wait in line because he doesn't have an actual appointment, so they just work him in when they have time.  

We had some things to do while we were waiting on Archie so by the time, we got done them it was lunch time.  We were near Cracker Barrel so decided to get our fix.  We haven't been there in over 2 years.

About 1:30 the phone rings and Archie is done.  We headed over to get him and then returned home.  I have some things to do there this afternoon.  He doesn't look any worse for wear.

So, our chassis batteries have been acting up so today I am going to get them tested.  They are a little over 5 years old so probably it's time to change them.  First thing I did was to find a pair of jeans to put on because it was still cool outside.  I pulled these ones out of the closet and guess what?  They were the pants I was wearing a month or so ago when I serviced the batteries then.  I remember that while I was filling one battery, I got some acid on the hose I use to get the back ones and I'm thinking a drop or two must have made it onto my pants.  Of course, the acid doesn't go to work until you get them wet again in the washer.  I guess I will have to make cutoffs out of them now.  

I got busy and took all the connections off and took them over to the interstate dealer in Tucson.  

The guys there were really knowledgeable about all things batteries and we had a long discussion on 6 volt versus 12 volt AGM's to replace our house batteries in the spring.  We have all winter to figure out the configuration we will buy. 

I should tell you that after our long talk which he enjoyed apparently as much as I did, he found a way to give me the equivalent of $100 discount.  Apparently, there is a discount for truckers which I did in my life, and another discount for something else.  LOL, I love it!!   Two heavy duty commercial batteries for under $250.00.  Thanks so much John.  It wasn't long and they were in place and ready to go.

On my way back from town I took the back roads and did some mountain driving.  I headed over towards Old Tucson, which has been closed, but I did enjoy the scenery.  Sue and I were commenting that the Tucson area seems more alive than the Yuma and Q areas with way more greenery.  It may be prickly greenery but it is green none the less. 

Well, another day in the desert.  It was a little cool, but way better than 40 below!!  Hope you had a great day too.



  1. Just put a few more holes in those jeans and you will be right in style, lol

  2. Great deal on the batteries. Sure don't want starting problems down south of the border.

  3. The Tucson area is beautiful with an elevation of almost 2400 feet. So different from Yuma at 140. I wondered if Old Tucson ever reopened. It is a pretty ride to get out there. Elva Shannon

  4. We love Cracker Barrel too and haven't eaten there for over 2 years as well.
    Archie is so cute! :)


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