Friday 17 December 2021

Day 4 on the Road in Mexico

WHERE ARE WE? Maraville RV Park, Mazatlan, Mexico 
NEXT DESTINATION? La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico

Well after a pretty good sleep for being in a truck stop, we pulled in the slides and were ready to hit the road about 8:00 am.   I had a little help rolling up the carpet today, but I don't think it really speeded up the process.

Our route today will take us down to Mazatlan where we will spend a couple days relaxing and taking in the local cuisine and music.

We are finally out of the desert type country and into some farming and trees.  Everything smells so good, and the greenery is welcome.

The roads today are a little less than desirable with a lot of choppy pavement.  Not a lot of big holes but just the kind of road that shakes you really bad.   Oh well, we will survive, and we did.  We paid lots of tolls today so maybe they will use it to fix the roads.

The best way to deal with the roads is to get behind a truck and just follow his lead.  If he swerves, he is probably missing a pothole and if he slows down, there is probably a tope.  We followed this truck loaded with cardboard for a while but lost him at a toll booth.  

Soon we started seeing signs for Mazatlan.   We are looking forward to some fun in the sun there.

We pulled in about 2:30 to Maravilla RV Park.  This park is long and narrow and not a lot of room to maneuver.  We will worry about getting out later.   For now, we are all settled in.

As usual, the first thoughts were of our tummies.  The girls knew exactly where to go and we decided to walk.   We walked and walked and about halfway we found out that it was 2.2 kms to Roy's Restaurant.  Oh well, we needed the exercise.  What a great place to eat.  We had all kinds of things including shrimp, fish and I had a whole rack of ribs.  Everything was delicious!!  And we got the traditional supper picture.

About the time we were doing desert, George and Henny showed up.  They had driven from San Carlos today and found us again.  They are going to hang with us for a couple days.

Sue had some chocolate cake thing, and I had Hildago (ice cream) with Kahlua.  Mmmm good!!!

A little walk on the beach before bedtime is good for the soul, and it makes you sleep like a baby!!   We are probably 10 miles from the centro of Mazatlan so it looks beautiful all lit up.

We have a real hard time realizing that Christmas is very close.  It just doesn't seem like Christmas when there is no cold or snow.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, just stating a fact!!!  Stole this from a friends Facebook post.  Goodnight!


  1. Glad all went well and you're in a beautiful place. My the food sounds delicious. And the desserts. Enjoy your stay.

  2. the memes. Elva Shannon

  3. Reads like you are having some decent travel days. The food sounds delicious. Always nice to stop and catch your breath for a couple of days. You are right about it not seeming like Christmas without the snow. Though Christmas is the only time we miss

  4. Sliding on down to those warm beachy temperatures, sounds great.
    The smiles are proof that you are where you want to be. Have fun!!
    The food sounds and looks wonderful.


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