Thursday, 30 December 2021

We Finally saw a Whale Show

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

It was market day today and we headed downtown about 9 to find a few things.  We like to buy some bread and cheese there and a few other odds and ends always pop up.  It is the same junk every week but we can always find lots that we didn't see last week.  It is good exercise as well for us old folks.

There was a guy there who was doing the ball under the 3 lids scam.  It is a good magic trick but he is trying to get people sucked into putting a few pesos down for him to take.  I watched numerous times and he made it obvious which lid the ball was under, but if he had someone on the hook, it wouldn't be there.  It was only under the obvious one if just his planted players were betting.  Lots of money would change hands, but it was obvious that they were in on it.  Check the lady in yellow and the guys with the black and white hats.  I watched an old Mexican lose about 2000 peso's which I'm sure he couldn't afford.  A guy told me that they prey on the elderly, kinda like the phone scams at home.

When we got done at the market we stopped for something to eat.  Guess where?  Yup Kenia's little place.  She has some good things on the menu.

Oscar was helping out by being the runner for her.  

When we got home we lazed for a while and then went out to the palapa.  I saw some boats going by quite fast along with the big party boat from Rincon de Guayabitos.  That only means one thing..... whales.  And I was right.  We got a good show from a couple of them breaching way up and then splashing down.  Of course no one had a phone to get a picture of the good show.  I saw that the boats were following them back toward us so I went and got my phone for a few shots.  There is nothing more breath taking than seeing these beautiful creatures.

If you look close just by the small boat you will see the tail of a whale that breached and then in the next photo you see the big splash.  They got a good show didn't they?

Our local fisherman was not so lucky today.  He only caught 2 fish in his great big net.  I have no idea what they were, but he wasn't very excited about them.

And that was pretty well what kept us entertained today.  Of course the sunset, I take back my promise not to show the sunset.  If you don't like sunset pictures then there is a little scroll slide on the side for you to move past them.  Tonight was special.

The sunsets are romantic and this awesome couple danced while the last light of day slipped away.

On my way back to the Ponderosa I noticed again that Site 3 is still empty after our friends Dan, Jackie and Maina have moved on to Los de Marcos.  We hope they have a great time in their travels and hope to see them again some time.

Yesterday I went and purchased some shrimp so tonight we cooked them up.  Susan made up a garlic butter sauce and along with some rice, they made a great supper.  De-veining is not her favorite job.

After supper I walked downtown to get some exercise.  It is not very far, but at least it works off a bit of the supper.   I saw this delivery truck at the local store and thought of our supplier for CJ's.  At home, Tim does all of the offloading by himself and this truck had at least 8 kids doing the work.  Drew, you need to rethink how you load your trucks.  This one had to be loaded a full 15 feet to the top and I am going to bet it was over weight as well.

Archie all played out from a big game of tug and settled in to chew on his bone.  It's been a good day again today, and tomorrow will bring another year to a close.  Hope your day was great too!!

This may make you smile!!


  1. Such a nice day! And a cute picture at the end. Wish we could take that empty spot beside you and Sue. Happy New Year!

  2. Never stop posting sunset pictures, they are just to beautiful not to share!

  3. Love the sunset pics, Happy New Year to you and Sue!


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