Thursday, 9 December 2021

There are Lots of Friends Around

WHERE ARE WE? Snyder Hill BLM, Tucson, AZ 

This morning was quite cool.  I think they said it was 7C.  It was a good day to do some chores after a warm coffee.  Once the sun came out it did warm up to about 22C so I got busy topping off the batteries.  When we are here in the Southwest, the humidity is low and that makes the batteries lose their liquid faster than normal so it's important to check them more often.

There is an air force base here in Tucson so there are lots of planes and helicopters flying around.  One helicopter flew over and seemingly slowed right down, like he was having a look at us. They are fun to watch.

I had to laugh today because I was looking for a place to keep the spare tire for the Jeep without it being subjected to a common thief.  Where could I put it so it wasn't obvious to the general public.  What do you think?  Hiding in plain site!

I got a text from our blogger friend Doug wondering if we would be around this afternoon and up for a visit.  We have not talked to Doug since a year ago April when we met somewhere in Texas and spent a couple days together.  Doug writes a blog called Miss Adventure Travels.  Doug arrived about 2 pm and we had an awesome visit.  He has a dog named Yuma and he and "Archie" had a great time playing.  Archie did well for a while until Yuma told him he had had enough.  Archie doesn't understand those limits yet but he will learn over time, I'm sure.

We had an awesome afternoon chatting and we only realized that the day was drawing to a close when it began to cool down again.  Blogging has certainly brought lots of different people into our lives and we hope we will always share a friendship with them.  Who knows, maybe we cross paths again in the spring on our ways home.

Pat and Harold showed up after a day of shopping and we all enjoyed some time together before the coolness sent us all to our respective homes.  

We love to watch all the people who climb Snyder Hill and lots of times they go up there to view the sunset.  That was the case today.

One of the agreements we have is that dishes are mostly my responsibility while on the road.  Well, that is what I did this evening.  I tend to procrastinate this job, but when the sink is full there is no other option.

Well, our pup is moving right into our hearts.  He is a bundle of energy and had no idea what to do with himself.  He jumps and mouths and plays with a passion.  Sue has worked to get the mouthing and jumping under control and we have noticed a huge difference.  The mouthing is almost gone but the jumping will take some time.  He is accepting us as his family and understands that Sue is the pack leader.  He is a cuddler and full of love and will keep us young keeping up to him.  "Archie" is kinda standing out as his name, but we will give it a couple more days before we make the final decision.  When we adopted him, we had a two week return period, but I'm not thinking we will need to exercise that option.  He is a keeper.   By the way "Sully" is doing awesome with our daughter Karalee so we are happy we were right in making the decision to give him to her.  


  1. He looks like an Archie. I hope the name sticks. Sue sure looks happy with that pup in her lap.

  2. So glad to see that the pup is becoming part of your pack, nice to have someone around to warm your lap as well as your hearts. Great place to hide the spare tire, that is an area that anything not tied down will get legs and walk away!

  3. I like the name Archie too, with the hair standing up like that. :)
    I swear we need to borrow Sue for a week with Gibbs. He is 'mouthy' too and yet better than he was. When people come over, he won't settle down, wants to be on them grabbing at their hands and faces. The jumping too is a challenge for us but we're using Sue's technique of "OFF". Seems to work sometimes. Have fun with that baby!

  4. Enjoyed the visit and Yuma got to play with a youngster for once. He was tired when we got home. Don't spoil the jumping that Archie enjoys too much. Dishes for this procrastinator today. Sink is full. Going to make this Nick's job soon 😄

  5. I was leaning towards Max but Archie is good. Elva Shannon


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