Tuesday, 7 December 2021

Moving Again Today

WHERE ARE WE? Snyder Hill BLM, Tucson, AZ 

I failed to post a map of our trip on Monday so I will post both days travel maps here.  I do this just as a record for us when we want to look back on our travels.  It is also handy for anyone who wants to see where we hang out while planning their future travels.  This is the map of Yuma to Lost Horse Tank near Casa Grande, AZ on Monday.

We then moved on down to Tucson where we will be hanging out at Snyder Hill BLM.  We used to go to a Casino nearby, but they have quit allowing RV's there anymore.

On our trip today I texted Patsy of Chilling with Patsy to see if they were on the road because we were going to be heading by the campground they have been at for a week or so.  Because they are early morning risers, they were already almost back in Yuma already.  They were camped somewhere near this sign up until a couple hours ago.  Hope our paths meet again some other time and I owe you and Bill another Jeep ride!!!!

Snyder Hill is a popular area to camp for a while for a lot of people.  Some are down on their luck while others just want to spend some time in the sun.  We generally try to park where the newer campers are because they are generally the type of people we relate to.   There are quite a few bushes around so it makes it a little greener than out in the middle of the desert.

Our new dog, who we are still trying to name, is quite full of energy.  We are trying a few different names to see if one jumps out at us.  We tried Chapman yesterday, and today he is Archie, and I think tomorrow we will try Walter.  I still think he is a "Scruff!".  Everyone has been helpful on Facebook suggesting names, but the name has to fit the dog.  We will know it when the right one comes along.  He is into everything, not necessarily destroying everything, but just dragging it out.  This is one of the window sun shades that he found behind my chair.

We got all settled in a spot that will be home to us until next Monday, when we will start our south journey to Mexico.  Our view is of Snyder Hill which we fondly call "the Mountain".  This is the view out our window tonight.  Not a bad view for the prairie people!!

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  1. He looks like a "Max". If Snyder Hill is close to "that" casino you are very close to where we have spent time. My niece and family are on a half acre lot and have a great spot for our MH. Two years ago we spent 6 weeks there and last year we spent 2 weeks. It's one of our favorite rv spots!!! Elva Shannon


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