Wednesday 1 February 2023

Sorry I Wasn't Listening Dad

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

So today starts with a little story about how there are certain days when fixing something simple can really get involved quickly.  My dad always said if something doesn't run, before you start to overhaul the engine, maybe check the gas!!  Today was one of those jobs where his advice would prove right.  The heater fan in the Jeep has not worked since I got the thing.  I haven't really needed it so didn't worry much about it.   Today was the day to fix the problem.  I did a quick You Tube and the process to remove the fan motor was quite easy.  First thing I did was check that the fan did not work.  Confirmed.  So I proceeded to take it out.  When I got the screws out of the mounts I noticed that the connection wire just kinda came out without much resistance!!  Aha I says, there is the problem.  

So I says to myself, Self!!  I bet that connection was the problem, so I gets busy and reinstalls the fan and the battery and tries it.  Nothing.  Ok the fan must be done.  So I takes the battery out again and removes the fan.  Hmmm

For some reason, after I got the motor out again, I went back in the Jeep to look at the controls wondering if something could be wrong there and spotted this.  The control was in the off position, and I remember I had just been playing with the fan button so of course it wouldn't work.  

So I put the fan back in again and changed the heater setting to on, to verify that it might work.  Nope. So out it came again.  I can do this with my eyes closed by now

When I got it out again, the next thing I did was check the motor by hooking it direct to the battery with a couple jumper wires I had and the motor did nothing.  (Remember this!!!).   So I guess the best thing to do is see where I can get another one.  I thought about taking it down to a little electric motor repair shop in town but I found this on amazon cheap enough and thought what is the sense.  I'm in no hurry for it so I will just order one.  And I left it like that.  Story to be continued......

So after all that work I was hungry, so I thought to myself, I'm going to head down to Guyabitos to the new bus depot which has a Burger King in it.  I wanted to check to see if it was the same as home.  Well the combo was almost 200 peso's, which around here is expensive for a lunch, but I had it anyway.  I didn't realize, but I ordered the BBQ one which was not a favourite of mine, but the burger was like a flame broiled Burger King burger.  And plenty big enough!!!

Tummy full I headed home and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon.  I communicated with Sheri who was dropping Dani at the airport to fly to see her dad in Edmonton.  This is the first time she has flown, and by herself to boot, so mom was pretty nervous.  Not so much Dani.  She was a trooper.  

See ya mom and off she went down the walkway to the plane.  She was pumped I think.

While all this communication was going back and forth, I observed this cute little gecko in the bathroom.  There has been one singing to me for the past few nights and I bet it is this one.  They are so darn cute.

While I was communicating, I decided to test some 12 volt wires so I could connect into them with some new LED lights.  I went and got my jumper wires (Remember from earlier!!) and started checking wires.  Nothing, no power anywhere.  This is strange, so I got my test light and guess what??  The jumper wires had not 1 but 2 faulty connections.  So I fixed the connections and all of a sudden the wires tested hot!!! Wait a minute, I wonder if I tested the fan motor, if it might work now!!!  Sure enough, it did.  So off I went in the dark, (remember I can now do this with my eyes closed) and put the fan back in its hole and bingo!!!!  It worked!!!  So moral of the story is that the very first thing I observed, if I had of paid attention, was that loose connection which was the problem, but I was thinking way more complicated and never caught on.  I was changing the engine, when it was just out of gas.  Sorry for not listening to you Dad, this time. 
I checked my plane tracking app and Dani was 3/4 of the way to Edmonton so all is well now.

I did happen to catch a sunset tonight.  Notice how the sun is behind the hill now instead of in the valley.  That means our time here is dwindling away.  The groundhog here saw its shadow, so I guess we have 6 more weeks of winter.  That's ok, 27C is just perfect for me!!!  Good Nite!!!

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