Sunday, 5 February 2023

Finally Got Starlink Operating

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

If you remember I got an amazon shipment back a couple weeks ago and it was our new Starlink.  I had strict instructions not to set it up for fear I would screw it all up so like a good boy I waited.

Well today is the day to set it up so I positioned it on the roof of the Motorhome and it started whizzing and turning and soon came to rest in the best spot.  At some point, I will make a permanent bracket for it and I will be able to just set it in there and not need the stand at all.  We still have to take it down and put it back up every time we move but this will simplify the set up.

The receiver in the Motor home is actually ok to be part of the decor.  Quite often they are ugly and black and look like a modem, but this one does not.  

So far so good and we are getting download speeds of upwards of 150 mbps and uploads of 11.0 mbps.  I guess that is good but I'm no techie.  I just know when I click on something it appears!!!  LOL  We have nicknamed the system "Stinky"!!!

After all that work, (it took 10 minutes) I headed down to the fish store to get some fish for supper.  I love how easily he fillets it.   We got some red fish of some kind that will feed both of us and it was 140 pesos. Yummy supper it made.

That was it for our day.  We watched some TV and Archie just chilled.  No we didn't watch Red Green.  Sue was just scanning the channels. Good Nite!!

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