Friday, 3 February 2023

A New Restaurant

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

So we have discovered why our fellow RV Park resident gets so many Amazon deliveries.  It seems he has found out that you can buy almost anything you need there and have it delivered right to the park.  They have no car so to buy larger things would involve using a taxi to bring it home.  With amazon it saves the taxi charge and the product is sometimes cheaper.  He buys beer, water, wine, and many packaged foods and they show up within days.  Today he received 2 cases of water and 4 bottles of wine!!!

We sat for a while and watched the ocean this morning whilst drinking a cup of coffee.  While we were there the same guy went by with a forked log on his shoulders as he has for the past couple weeks.  The logs are all about the same length so they must be building something with them somewhere.  I am going to follow him one morning to see where he goes, but not this morning.  Manana!!!!

Watching the ocean is very thought provoking and most times we sit in silence just listening to the beauty of the sound of the waves.  This morning we sat for quite a while when our friend Suzanne leans over and looks out at the froth from the waves and says "Where does all the White go??"  She has thought this many times in regard to snow, but it just dawned on her that the same goes for the white froth on the waves.  A very deep question for sure!!!!

 I texted Kenia to see if she wanted to go out for lunch today and told her that she should pick someplace we have never been.  She chose her friends restaurant, so about 1:30 I went and picked her up at her house way down a bumpy street in La Colonia.

I picked her up and we drove about 200 yards back down the bumpy road and she said "Stop we are here".  Well I have droved by here 6 or 8 times and never saw anything that drew my attention.  

So out we got and went behind the hanging drapes into a little garden with quaint little tables set out in the shade of the trees. I recognized the owner as one of the young ladies with whom I was dining the other day when I had the eggs benedict from HE double hockey sticks!!!  We had talked about her restaurant that morning and she had assured me that she could out do any other restaurant around.  Well we were here to see if she could live up to that.

Well first she brought out nachos and hot stuff.  My goodness they made your lips sting.  It was so good that you couldn't quit eating it.  The stuff on the right was pineapple chunks with a kick, a BIG kick!!!

I had to order a pina water, which is pineapple juice watered down and so yummy.  I'm glad it was in a quart jar because I ended up drinking it all.

Then my shrimp tacos and Kenia's' whatever it was arrived.  Very nice presentation and was it ever good.  Kenia has been sick for 2 days and by the look on her face and her sniffles she should probably still be in bed rather than lunching with me.  She is such a trooper.

A couple of amusing observations were taken while here at this place.  I noticed how lush the greenery was that grew around the bano's especially under the wash area.

Well this is probably why.  The sink is an old wash tub and the drain is just a hole in the back corner, so all of the water just drains below to the garden.  We would be thrown in jail for doing this at home, but here it is simple solutions to every problem.  I wish we could sometimes view solutions the way they do.  Nobody here is buying into climate change and carbon whatever the story is, that so called 1st world governments are trying to make up.  With the exception of getting better habits with their garbage, I think the Mexicans have the right ideas sometimes. 

Any way the name of the restaurant is Yemaya.  I think that is the owners name if I'm not mistaken, which I am not very often except once in a while!!!  The lunch was fantastic and the surroundings were quaint and inviting.  I would recommend it to anyone and they will be open for supper (or dinner) whatever you call it, in about 10 days.  It is located behind the Baja Market 2 or 3 blocks off the 200 for my local friends.

Susan has been battling -35C weather back at home house and kid sitting for our daughter Kaitlyn as they travelled to Singapore and Thailand.  She has been filling her time doing some room renovations for Grace and Max.  Grace is stricken with Wednesday from the Adams Family, and Max loves all things Semi!!!  So she painted up and stickered up their rooms which made them smile.

Since Sue is flying back here tomorrow, they went into Winnipeg today and stayed in a Hotel and the kids should fly in tonight and Sue fly out tomorrow.  (update, kids flight was delayed so they won't be home till tomorrow, so now gramma Melaine will be driving in to Winnipeg to rescue kids so Sue can keep her flight to Puerta Vallarta tomorrow!!)  The kids loved the water slide and had a tough time going to bed tonight.  

Meanwhile back in Paradise, I almost missed another amazing sunset.  Good Nite!!

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  1. Safe flight Sue! I have no doubt you will be excited to see her. It sounds as if she has been too busy to miss you, but I’m sure she did at least a little. You seem to be settling into the neighbourhood with a certain kind of flair, good for you. New things are exciting and helping out the locals is always welcome.



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