Sunday 5 March 2023

Finally Got Some Chicken

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

The fishermen were out getting their nets ready today.  They usually let them soak for a couple days before bringing back their catch. Maybe we will see them when they bring in a load.

So the other day I had a picture of the 4 sale sign on our park and talked about its positioning.  Well first off, the sign was put there by our friend Jeff who has signed up to be a real estate agent down here.  He is a retired dentist so he will be good at extracting money from people.  We wish him success in his new career but kinda hope he is not successful with this sale.  We kinda like the owners we have now!!!  Anyway, Jeremey moved the sign to a better location for all of us so if anyone has some cash they want to invest, here are the details of the sale!!!

Kenia showed up in early afternoon to pick up Oscar who had spent the night at our house.  He is a late riser on a non school day.  School days are early because he has to be there before 7 am.  He gets to sleep in Sue's big chair when he spends the night with us!!

Oscar scampered to the top of the Motor home to have a look around.  Like any kid, he loves to go up there.  King of the Castle!!

We all loaded up in Kenia's old truck and off we went to pick up Abuela!!  Sue and Kenia in the front and Oscar and I in the back, just like Mexicans!!!  It was fun.  We have another 10 days or so before we get the Jeep back.  Can't wait!!

I told you the story about missing out on the chicken yesterday.  So today Kenia said come on we go!!!  So we picked up Abuela and went for a sit down lunch at the chicken place.  What a yummy lunch with baked baby potatoes and a whole chicken!!  Total bill was like 250 peso's for 5 of us!!  

The owners son was beside me using the chair as his table.  Interesting that mom gave him a whole tomato for a snack.  Kids here are all glued to the phones, just like at home.  Electronic Babysitter!!

I was full and ready for a nap.  Does it show??

Later that evening I went down to Kenia's Cafecito for a while.  She was quite busy with frappes and waffles and crepes.  She is doing much better in this location than she did in the little shop she had last year.  She does lots to promote herself as well with business cards and signs and stickers.

Abuela came along and we sat and chatted for a while before I headed for home.

Kenia has her sign all lit up and it is visible from the main Avenida. I hung around for a while then headed home.  Good Nite!!!

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  1. I guess I missed a blog about the Jeep. Hope it's nothing serious.


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