Sunday 12 March 2023

An Ocean Swim Sunset

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

I guess we are turning into night time people.  We never do much of interest during the day but always have something going on for sunset and after dark.  Today was the same with a sunset swim being out highlight of the day.  Like I said yesterday, a lot of park people, (there are only 9 of us left) will be heading home later this week so we are doing some things together before they leave.  The ocean was gentle today so all of us hit the surf!!!

And the sunset was great as usual.  Do you see the green dot as the sun hits the water?

Then we headed downtown for hamburgers.  We had a craving for them but by the time we were done the craving was gone.  They don't make very good burgers in Mexico.

Kenia is in Guadalajara still and her Cafecito sits empty again tonight.  We miss you Kenia.

We topped the evening off with a churro and off home we went.  Good Nite!!


  1. Another great evening! I often watch for the blue dot on my sun pictures too. I like to think it is Dad making an appearance. 💕

  2. Sabir de Casa make very good hamburger

  3. NeVeR eAt A BuRgEr On An EmPtY sToMaCh 🍔


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