Friday 3 March 2023

Birthday Party on the Beach

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

I headed down to the palapa for coffee this morning and was met by this huge for sale sign right in front of where we sit to look out over the ocean.  A little bit of an over zealous real estate agent kinda forgot that even though the place is for sale, there are still clients in the park and we love to look at the ocean!!  If you ever wanted to own a small RV park with a few suites on the ocean, this is the one for you. Good luck with the sale Jeff!!  Our park manager assured me that he would move it later in the day.  LOL

Our friend Suzie has breakfast for all the dogs every morning.  The menu includes scrambled eggs and cheese and sometimes there is even some bacon or left over steak!!  Archie plants himself on their step about 8:30 every morning and will start to bark at about 9 if he hasn't seen any movement  by then.  A fit spoiled!!!

After coffee we had to head up town because Sue has a nice relaxing massage booked for 11 am.  I dropped her off there and would meet her back there in an hour.

I went to the bank and then ordered a cappuccino and waited patiently for her just down the way.  I love to just sit and watch people go by.

In the evening we had a little birthday supper for Jeremy and Phil.  We all ordered pizza from Aloha and it was delivered about 6.  Everyone in the park showed up.

There was cake for everyone too,

We had a couple rousing games of Left Right Center.  

Phil consumed a fair share of Mezcal over the evening and was insistent on taking Rhonda's picture with the moon in the background.  He worked hard to get just the right angle!!  I don't know if they turned out ok or not.  I know he will have a nice hangover in the morning.

Another great day with a pretty sunset.  Good Nite!!


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