Monday 6 March 2023

Archie Gets a Hair Cut

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

Archie had a 9 am appointment to get a grooming and nails clipped downtown at the vet shop.  They did him once last year so we took him back to the same place.  He is getting pretty scruffy and although we like the scruffy look too, it was time to calm down his look.

So off we went to get the job done!!

The lady said he would be ready in a couple hours so we just found things to do downtown.  One of them was to have some breakfast.  

There was a tree in the courtyard of the restaurant that intrigued me.  Notice how the leafy plant uses the big tree to get to where the sunshine is!!  What makes it know to do this?  There is no science in the world that can tell me how it knows to do this so methodically and neatly, only why.  

The town has some wonderful murals being painted on lots of walls in La Penita.  They have a very talented artist who does these and it sure makes the town look good.  Many of them are on back streets and alleys, so you really have to search for them.  This one caught my eye and told me a story of a shy kitten and boy wanting to see what is happening out there, but they still require the safety and comfort of their own space.  Perhaps they will then plan how to get what they want out there in the big world, be it a mouse or something else they might wish for!!

Perhaps they spotted this painted archway which leads to worlds unknown!!

Ok back to the real world.  I spotted lots of frigates perched in trees, on buildings and lamp poles today.  Frigates are the birds we see gliding in the sky around here and apparently they can glide for up to 30 days without landing.  So I'm wondering why they have picked today to land and take a break.  

So that's how we spent a couple hours while we waited on Archie. Soon the lady appeared with him on a leash. She did an awesome job we think! 

He was a little chilly without all that fur I think. He spent some time curled up in his chair. 

I did manage to catch the tail end of sunset as I walked by the town sign.  Lots of people here posing tonight!!!

A few of us got together to play some dice.  Its always fun to play games and have some laughter with good people.

And to end the evening we watched the first episode of Survivor 44.  I have watched every season to date and still love the show.  It is so deep if you let it be.  I am a people watcher by trade so this is right up my ally trying to figure out what they are all up to.  Sue and I will pick 8 players after tonight's show to see who picks the winner in the end.  It was midnight when it was done!!! Good Nite!!!


  1. Archie looks unimpressed with the new cut. Lol.


  2. Wow. The haircut sure changed Archie's looks. Looks great. I'm a Survivor fan too!

  3. What a different look for Archie too! I love the long hair on Gibbs too but the heat is coming. Archie looks chilly but very handsome.


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