Wednesday 1 March 2023

Christmas comes Early

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

This morning a package was delivered to the park for our friend Normand.  Normand and Suzanne have moved out down to Lo de Marcos a couple days ago.  Today they were starting to head north and I messaged him to see if they would stop by and pick it up.  Normand said they had gone by La Penita a while ago and no they would not pick it up.  He said to open it and see what it was.  

It was a neat little cell phone holder that he ordered from wish.  I'm sure just a couple dollars.  That always makes me wonder how companies make money.  They got $2 from Normand to manufacture, package, ship from China to the USA on a plane, stock in a warehouse, retrieve it and repackage it and ship it on a plane to Mexico, with probably some border people looking at it, and then move it to a courier who delivers it to us.  Please tell me how they are making any money!!! I don't get it.  Anyway we said we would ship it to Normand when we got to Canada, but he said just keep it!!  He said it was payment for all the amazon orders I had received on his behalf and delivered to him while they were in the park!!  Thanks Normand and Suzanne.  I will consider it a Christmas present!!

While doing my blog post reading and Facebook scanning our friend Steve posted this picture of his Jeep this morning in Tombstone AZ.  All our Arizona friends have been having more than their share of coolness and wind this winter.  This, however, was a little over the top!!! Sorry guys!

We went out for breakfast with Kenia and Katherine this morning.  Katherine is such an adorable kid.

To end the day we had a rousing game of Skip-bo with Drew and Leena.  Everyone in the park seems to like this game.  That's about it for today!!!  Good Nite!!


  1. Do you remember why we started going to Mexico? Because the weather in Arizona, Texas, and California isn't consistent enough. For that, you have to go to southern Florida... or Mexico! But then once you go to Mexico, you realize all of the other benefits!

    1. We are certainly happy that we took your advice to travel here. We never thought we would settle in one place but the community and the people here hold us in awe!! Maybe that's a good thing.

    2. We are so glad that you're enjoying it! I get my Mexico fix from your blog.

  2. Lorne, I did re-ordered the same this morning.

    I like your way to describe the event.

  3. Snow in Tombstone! Yikes, we will be going there for a revisit in April.
    Merry Christmas!
    Seems like there are no sure things when it comes to weather.

    1. Except here. Weather never changes for the 4 months we are here!!!


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