Wednesday 22 March 2023

The Jeep Came Back!

WHERE ARE WE? La Penita, Mexico

Last evening our newly painted Jeep arrived back at our park.  Frank went and picked it up for me because I totally screwed up the communication with the painter and Frank bailed me out.  Thanks!!!  He got it home after I went downtown so it missed yesterdays blog.  They did a pretty good job of the paint and I am happy.  I was most concerned with the rust and we will see how that holds up.  

I got them to put new plates in the front floor boards and it seems to be a good job.  It will outlast me.  

I did express my concern with the overspray and dirt on the black on the hood.  He said just bring it back Saturday and he will paint it black again.  Total cost of the job was 13000 pesos which is $960.00 cnd.  Wow!!! Probably 5000.00 at home!!!  

To celebrate the Jeeps return, we took a little drive to PV today because Kenia needed to go to Sam's Club for supplies for her Cafecito.  The only thing I found that sparked my interest was Menudo!!  Yep they had menudo for sale at Sam's Club!!   I didn't buy any in case you wondered.

Anyway we took the scenic route on the way to PV and it took us 35 minutes from El Monteon to Bucerias.  It is a scenic drive and today we went as quick as we wanted.  80 kms is about as fast as you can go safely on the twisty windy up and down narrow road.  The reason I told you this is because they have just completed the new autopista toll road and it is brand new without all the twists.  We thought we would pay the 233 peso toll and try it on the way home.  We didn't do much more than 80 kms cause its pretty windy in the jeep.  It is just up and over and through the mountain and down the other side and it spits us out in El Monteon.  Even at 80 kms we were about 23 minutes from Bucerias back to El Monteon.  The big advantage I see to having this road is that it will be good to drive on if one gets caught staying in PV too long and has to drive back in the dark.  The whole trip was just in an out to get a Jeep full of groceries for Kenia.  

When we got home, we unloaded and went out for lunch at Kenia's friends restaurant.  We had ceviche and I had a Pina water.  Is it ever good.   We had a good time today having the Jeep to get around in.  Good Nite!!


  1. The Jerp looks so shiny and pretty. I think the menudo in this area is different from Sonoran menudo.

  2. Pretty hard to go wrong for under a thousand bucks!

  3. Looks like a nice job, sure can't beat the price.

  4. Lorne: you are now with a new jeep, Josue deserves the reputation of a good painter

    1. He is a very good painter (Sue)

  5. Looks great Lorne!!!!

  6. Wow, folks will see you coming. Love the colour.



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