Friday, 17 November 2017

Excitement on the beach.

We woke up this morning an looked out our front window, and there were our new neighbours already busy fishing. I'm so glad I'm not a fisherman because I would hate to have to get up in the morning that early.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

4th Annual Bloggerfest

I have been trying to make my schedule work to be able to attend Blogger Fest 2018.  I am not sure it is going to work this year, so I have contacted my blogger friend Paula (Shadowmoss) of In the Shadows and asked her if she would be around to set it up this year.  Of course she agreed and has got the word out there already.  George of Our Awesome Travels quickly made up the poster for this year and between the bunch of us we will make it happen.  If you can make your plans work around being there on January 27, it is worth your time to meet everyone.

Bloggerfest is a great opportunity for people who enjoy either writing (bloggers) or following blogs (blurkers) to meet in person to compare some notes and have a laugh or two.  The blogs you write do not necessarily need to be RV related, but it seems like because most of the people at Quartzite are RV'ers that is the general tone of the day.

What is blogging?
Blogging is a wonderful way of keeping a journal of your life whether it be for part of a year like we have been doing, or all year round like others do.  It is a way to compare what you are doing with what others are doing, and a great confidence builder, as you realize you are doing it right.  It is a great way to keep track of where others are and sometimes you can sneak up on them when they are parked out in the desert and park real close to them without them even knowing.  wink wink.  If you watch real close, sometimes other bloggers will even write about you and your travels, which is the ultimate compliment, and lots will comment on your blog from time to time.  Whatever the reason you blog, it is like a soul cleansing, and sometimes just a reminder about how much or how little you do in a day.

Whatever the reason you have for blogging, keep it up because I for one appreciate reading them and have learned so much from others via their blogs.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Scouting Mustang and Padre Islands

It was a beautiful day today so we decided we should go and scout out some spots for us to visit further south of here on Mustang Island and Padre Island.  Because of Hurricane Harvey, we were not sure how the beaches may of been affected.  When we got down around Rockport Texas we started witnessing some of the destruction in the wake of the storm.  It has been almost 3 months since the storm and there is still a pile of work left to do.  We started seeing odd things in the ditch along the highway, like boats and old RV's and piles and piles of debris.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017


We are really starting to enjoy Magnolia Beach.  We have good neighbours and because they have been here often they know a lot of local folk, who drop in from time to time.  We love meeting the locals. Today was no different when Tom and Norma dropped by with all their fishing gear to spend some time with all of us.  Sometimes we feel guilty just sitting around on the beach, but soon the feeling passes and we settle in.  Cheryl dropped by as well to share a story or two.

Monday, 13 November 2017

Body work is not my specialty, or is it?

Once again I have to mention ships, but this time it comes with a little story.  The bigger ships come in to harbour and I think they have a speed limit so they don't do a lot of damage with their wakes.  I'm betting if they are a little behind schedule they push that limit, and that was the case this morning.  The tide was fairly high as well at the time.  We saw this big ole ship coming in and I noticed there was a fairly large white water wake behind it.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

How to peel an apple

There are times when you just know that after you read the title to a blog, it is just going to be a waste of time going there.  But curiosity is a wonderful thing.  This is one of those times, and I welcome you to this uninformative blog.  I bet none of you will have the nerve to comment on it.  Here goes.

How to peel an apple.  This is the neatest gadget I have ever owned and was given to me for Christmas last year by Donovan and Dani, and with the help of Sheri.  It peels, cores, and slices the apple all in one action.  I use it often.  And a quick rinse under the tap and put away ready for the next use.  Thanks guys.

Saturday, 11 November 2017


It's Veterans Day here in the USA, but I don't think there is much going on like we have back home for Remembrance Day.  Although it is a day to honor veterans, I think their big day of Remembrance is on Memorial Day in May.  My US friends should correct me if I'm wrong.  As a Canadian, today has a special meaning to me.

Friday, 10 November 2017

Gone Fishing

Today seemed to be ship day.  I never counted but I'm sure we saw over a dozen ships come and go down the seaway out front of the Ponderosa.  I know everyone is bored with the ships, but remember I am a prairie boy, and this is a real treat for me.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Will he be famous?

Maybe, just maybe in 10 or 12 years you will be watching a hockey game on TV and the announcer will say, "And its on to the stick of  #16 Donovan Larson,  he shoots, he scores to win the Stanley Cup!!!!".   Well Grandpa's are allowed to dream.  And if it happens, I will be the first one to say "I told you so".  Donovan is the only hockey player in our family so far, so all of our hopes and dreams are on him.  You go Donovan.  We are proud of you.  Maybe we will make it back to Alberta before the ice melts and we can see one of your games.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Into everyone's life a little rain must fall

Woke up to a windy angry sea this morning.  Although there is land between us and the ocean, the waves were still showing whitecaps.  It wasn't that cold, just windy.  Actually the coolness of the day was quite welcome after the heat we have had.  Definitely not a shorts kid of day though.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

A nice day on the beach

Well today was another gorgeous day.  The only drawback is the humidity but it comes and goes.  It will go down to 70% and back up to 90% a half dozen times a day.  We are actually getting used to it.  There is always one thing that is the same every morning.  A set of eyes looking at me saying "Lets go for a walk".  Today was no different so we started out with a walk on the beach.

Monday, 6 November 2017

A short drive about

We decided that because it was so hot today, 31 C, that we would go for a drive in the Jeep and see the country south of us around Port O'Conner.  Port O'Conner is only about 10 miles straight south of us but you have to drive almost 30 miles to get there.  It is a marine town so we checked out the harbours.  Found this old boat.

Sunday, 5 November 2017

A little excitement with a happy ending

Tonight's location:  Boon docking Magnolia Beach Texas

Today started off quite normal.  We sat around and had coffee and did a bunch of household chores.  We watched a bunch of ships come and go, but I won't bore you with that.  After lunch Charlie and I went for a walk down to the crabbing dock.  On the way there we saw the neatest little golf cart/car.  I have never come across one like this so I stopped them and asked to take a picture.  No problem they said.

Friday, 3 November 2017

And the Neighbours arrived

It was 29 C today again with 86% humidity.  We are getting acclimatized real fast.  Shorts and sandals are the dress code around here for sure.  We came here to get warm and that's what is happening.  It is 10 pm when I write this, and it is still 24 C.

Once again this morning we woke up to the Oyster Boat Dance.  I could sit and watch them for hours.  Today they were really close to shore right beside the Ponderosa.  It is so incredible watching 40 boats going in circles just feet away from other boats.  They did this for 6 hours today before they headed back in with boats full of bagged oysters.

For the most part this is a dog friendly beach.  Everyone is respectful of others but once the dogs who are close by are introduced to all the other dogs in the neighbourhood, everyone just lets them run.  They are all made to stay close to home and all poops are promptly picked up, so it makes for a nice environment.  There is no barking because all the dogs are relaxed.   There were a couple out swimming this morning.  Charlie will go get his legs wet, but so far that is all he will do.

Today was a boat watching day, and a short trip to Walmart in Port Lavaca for supplies.  When we got back the sun was going down and was very pretty as usual.

After supper Sue got out the TV projector I bought her for Christmas last year.  She has been soooo excited to try it since I got it for her about 290 days ago. lol.   Anyhow the silly thing seems to work pretty good.  It is recommended for up to a 55 inch display but it is still fairly clear at about 8 feet square.  It reminds me of doing the old drive in movies.  We watched an episode of Walking Dead in the dark on some strange beach.  Kinda spooky!!!!!!

Oh and I think I mentioned yesterday that I though we may get some neighbours.  Now for our friends Patsy and Bill, this is what you call close neighbours.  We were NOT even nearly this close.  Good thing these are nice people and I think we will get along fine.  If not we have wheels. lol.  It seems like at Magnolia, everyone gets real cozy and we don't really mind that right Patsy??  Here's the view out our window tonight.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

There is a reason we have a home with wheels

We woke up this morning with no where to go.  What a nice feeling.  I checked the solar monitor and we are getting some good sun.  Shouldn't take long to charge up those batteries.  We are putting about 28 amps in the batteries with the panels laying flat.  I won't bother tilting them unless we are not charging our batteries properly but at this rate we will be fine the way they are.  We are so glad we went with solar.  It is just so easy after its installed.  Just sit back and watch your batteries fill up.

When I got out of bed and looked out our window I could see all the oyster boats out doing their fishing dance.  To catch oysters they go in circles dragging a rake and net.  It is like a dance because they are so close to one another.

We took a little drive up the beach to check out some of the damage from hurricane Harvey.  Most of the damage to houses has been fixed already, and now they are repairing out buildings and docks etc.

On our way back to the Ponderosa we noticed that the area on the east end of the beach has no one parked on it.  Last year when we were here there was quite a gathering there and no room for us.  We decided we would move the Ponderosa down there because there is actually a nicer view and the sand is nicer.  So we packed up and moved.   We can do that because we have wheels.

I'm sure we will attract some neighbours soon, but for now we are the King and Queen of the East beach.  There are lots of ships coming and going down this channel so I will let you look out our window at a small one tonight.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017


Our last day of travel until we reach our first warm destination.  Today we hope to make it to Magnolia Beach.  It is a long haul but we are used to long drives now.  We will slow it down after this leg.

We headed down some pretty roads today.  There is lots of greenery along the road but the roads are a little narrow and treed in at times.  That is what you get for heading down some back type roads, but the reward is sometimes you see something no one else has spotted.

Charlie enjoying the drive
We were doing fine until we decided to take the I 10 for a short cut.  We moved along real well on the highway, but as we were getting off to get on the highway to Magnolia, things changed slightly.  We were stopped at a stop sign on the off ramp when we got a little bump from behind.  I looked back and a Semi truck had run into the back of the Jeep. 

He just caught the corner of the bumper but it ripped it off and broke the tail light.  We had to call the cops because it was a commercial vehicle that ran into us, and it took about 2 hours to get everything all done.  The jeep is still towable and drivable, so away we went.  We only had about 150 kms left to go to Magnolia.  We will deal with MPI later.

We arrived without further incident and chose our spot on the beach for the night.  Here is the view from our window tonight.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Trick or Treat

Today was a long day and we covered 450 miles.  We wanted to be somewhere to see some costumes so we set our sites on Wally Docking in Mineral Wells TX. 

First I have something real important to share. This morning as we were leaving the campground in Dumas, I snuck into the bathroom just because.  Apparently due to cost cuts, privacy was not a priority in the bathroom.  I guess it would be a good place to catch up on the gossip with your neighbours.  So maybe this is something that might catch on in modern homes.  Just set the toilets up along a living room wall.  Would save a lot of money.  I know they tell me bathrooms are one of the most expensive rooms to build!!!! 

While I was in there, no one came to chat, but there was a fairly large friend down in the corner.  I just left him alone and went on my way.

It was still quite cold out this morning so we had the heat on again today.  We will be soooo ready for some 24C temperatures.

We did get to see some cotton harvest equipment all lined up ready to start a field.

A little farther down the road we spotted some buffalo.  It seems that lots of ranches in Texas are raising Buffalo.

We needed to stock up the Ponderosa with groceries so spent some time in Walmart shopping and watching all the kids coming in to get treats.  It helped us to get over not seeing all our kids and grand kids this Halloween.  One thing that impressed me about this store was the male waiting area just inside the entrance.  Pretty comfy place to hang out.

We did get pictures of most of our kids and grand kids in their costumes.  Because it is our blog we can share all the pictures of our family that we want and you have to look at them.  Enjoy!!!!

Sheri & Gord
Dani, Donovan, Rio, Joey
Close up of Dani
Although not his costume, Donovan got all dressed up for take a kid to work day.

We will never forget our angel Clayton taken a few years ago.
And Silas
Greg Kaitlyn & Grace
A close up of Grace
We got all the grand kids, just missing Derek and Nicole, and Karalee.

We hit the sack early tonight because we have one more big day of driving to make it to our destination, Magnolia Beach.  Here is the view from our window tonight.

Monday, 30 October 2017

Moving on to Texas

When we woke up this morning near Denver, the thermometer was not nice to us.  It said -5C.  We knew it was time to head farther south.  We got off to an early start and spent most of the day driving across Colorado, then and hour across the Oklahoma panhandle, and into Texas.

Charlie by now is getting a little sick of the cold weather and between naps on the couch keeps looking at us as if to say "When will it be warm?"

The cotton is almost ready to be harvested and in fact we did see one field being processed but neither Sue or I could get to our cameras in time to take a picture of the harvesting.  Here is a field that is ready to go.

Sue found a little campground in Dumas TX for us.  It is free for a one night stay and includes 50 amp service and a dump station.  Some of the little towns down here know how to treat travelers right.  Thank you Dumas.

Because it was dark when we got there, I didn't get a window picture tonight.