Our Location for the Summer: Rivers Provincial Park, Rivers, MB. Canada.

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

A Celebrity Comes to Town

Its been a long cold winter for some of our friends.  It looks like they have been here for a while waiting on us.  I'm not sure if our food and ice cream will save them.  Actually these campers are regulars and they draw a lot of attention with their display out front.

Monday, 22 October 2018

We are Back!!!!

Well it has been a long time since the publishing of our last blog.  It has been an extremely busy summer with the ice cream business almost doubling in sales this year and me doing some outside work as well.  Lets give you a little recap of our summer over the next few days before we fire up the engine on the Ponderosa and head south for the winter.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Renovation of CJ's

After a few days of planning and gathering materials, the renovation of CJ's began in a flurry of activity.  Because we are doing the floors and painting, all of the stuff in the shack had to be moved out front.  We watched the forecast carefully and knew the week was going to be dry so we were able to just pile everything outside and tarp it at night.

Stuff everywhere

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Back to Manitoba

All good things have to come to an end and so it is with visiting family.  We always look forward to seeing them, but I think they are a little happy to see us go home.  It doesn't matter how much parents try to fit into the daily routine of our kids, we are not a part of their family unit.  They are a unit of their own now, and have their routine and schedule and we tend to disrupt that.  Things like "here let me buy them candy", and "oh it's ok if they stay up a little later on a school night, Midnight is not that bad", and "here let me feed them a sugar filled cup cake",  just tends to go against all that a parent strives not to over do with their kids.  Oh well!!!  I love being a grandparent!!!

Thursday, 26 April 2018

Family in Alberta

Now that we are back on our summer routine, I am only going to publish a blog once a week.  It seems like most of what happens in the summer is not that exciting and often repetitive.  The time with our kids and grand kids is certainly exciting but I tend to forget to take the pictures.

Since we have arrived at our daughters in Lacombe Alberta, our son Derek and Nicole and our grand kids Abby, Silas and Emma have arrived here too for a week visit.  This is the first time we have seen Emma because we were already down south when she was born.  What a sweety!!!

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Let's Go Fly a Kite!!

The weather is warming up more and more each day and it is nice in the afternoon even without a jacket.  Sue and I headed out to Bentley in the afternoon to pick up Donovan from school.  While there we visited the "The Kite Guys".   This is a neat store with all things kites.  They have been in the kite business for about 30 years and said that they really love it.  They are kite fanatics themselves so that makes what they do even more interesting.

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Out and About

We didn't accomplish much today, but we didn't intend to either.   We are here to spend time with family and that is what we are doing.  Gord and Sheri had to run a bunch of errands today so we climbed in with them for the ride.  We went to a butcher shop in Bentley and then on to Walmart in Sylvan Lake.  Its funny that I always check to see if they are RV friendly. lol

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Horsing Around

We are starting to get involved in some of the things the kids do here.  With four kids around they are busy most of the time.  We headed out to Bentley to meet the kids for lunch at the Monkey Top Saloon restaurant.  What a neat little place and they do the Dick Damron theme.  Dick is a singer of some notoriety and lives in Bentley in the summer and winters in Mazatlan.  You can check him out yourself here.

Monday, 16 April 2018

Christmas in April

Sheri had a doctors appointment in Wetaskiwin today.  Wetaskiwin is about 45 minutes north of Lacombe and the weather forcast for today was terrible, so like a good father would do, I offered to drive her there.   The trip there was great and she got in and out on time.  By the time we got to Walmart to do some shopping it was starting to storm.  One of the things we really feel when we get back to Canada is the price of meat.  Sue and I stocked our freezer with 8 steaks about 2 weeks ago in the USA for about 30 bucks.  Check the price of these 2  Rib eye steaks.  It is almost cheaper to eat at the Keg!!!

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Back in Canada

This will be the final leg of our US adventure for this year.  We will be crossing the border into Alberta today for a nice long visit with our daughter Sheri and her SO Gord and all the kids.  Donovan, Dani, Rio, and Joey.  It will be a long day today as it is over 600 kilometers to drive today.

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Costco Taste Testing

It was COLD last night or at least cold for us.  When I last looked it was -2C at about midnight.  We always manage to sleep well when it is cold for some reason.  I turn the furnace on for about an hour when we jump into bed and then turn it off for the night.  Then because the thermostat is right above my head in bed, I just reach up about 7:30 and turn it on again for a half hour until we get up.  We had a quick happy hour at our house and decided to head for Great Falls Montana today.  We headed down main street to I-15.

Friday, 13 April 2018

Knock Knock

We got up this morning and as we were getting our coffee ready we heard some talking outside.  Guess who showed up?  Yup the BLM guy and his boss coming to check the campground and clean up the pit toilets.  I think maybe they were a little excited to start out with, but when I explained why we just stopped here they seemed to understand.  The guy had a key for the gate so we were able to drive up to the parking lot and turn around.   Saved us a lot of backing up.  Thanks guys and sorry we got your blood pressure up!!!  As it turned out, this spot is for horses and ATV's anyway and they don't promote RV parking anyway.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Go North Young Man, Go North

The weather for Salt Lake City and area is not good for the next few days so we decided to head farther north.  There is going to be wind all over the country today and tomorrow so we can't escape that, but our motor homes are heavy enough that these winds will not be a safety factor.  The gusts to make for some weaves and wobbles, but we are at that stage in our trip where we will be following I-15 which is a good wide 4 lane road.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

New Friends

We had another awesome happy hour this morning and soon set out on our appointed chores.  My chore was to clean the solar panels.  When I got up on the roof of the Ponderosa, I had to take a picture of the empty happy hour circle. 

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Sneaking Northward

We had a fast happy hour got on the road early as we continued on with our northward trek.  We hope to stay at our next stop for a couple of days and take in some sunshine.  We know all too soon we will feel the cold north wind a blowing. 

Monday, 9 April 2018

Snow in the Mountains

We are moving again today a little farther north.  After a really good sleep last night we headed north on Highway 93.  There will be a lot of long stretches of nothing as we travel through the Great Basin.  It is named that because it is a valley that is fairly flat and probably 20 miles wide with mountains on either side.

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Goodbye to More Friends

We had a quick morning happy hour and got Kyra's leak fixed so she could head out.  A quick goodbye to her and then we had to get our units ready to roll.  P&H and Sue and I will be heading north and Ed and Lessie are going to spend some time at the Family camp in Nellis AFB here in Vegas to enjoy their AC and get water and dump before heading eastward.  More sad faces today, but we look forward to meeting up with them this fall somewhere.

Saturday, 7 April 2018

Goodbye Old Friend - Hello Old Friend

Another nice warm day in the desert.  The little lizards are starting to run around a lot which means that we must be vigilant for snakes.  We haven't heard of any here at Government Wash yet but that doesn't mean there are none.

Friday, 6 April 2018

Pat and Harold return from Manitoba

Another hot day at Lake Mead today.  We are soaking up the sun before our northward trek continues.  We all sat out under the awning for our morning happy hour.  Even Lexi was chilling.

Thursday, 5 April 2018

Men's World Curling in Las Vegas

And the headline reads:

And wouldn't you know it, this was the game we went to see in Las Vegas today.  All morning long Sue and I have been preparing Ed and Lessie and Kyra for the big game tonight.  None of them have ever been to a curling game before so they wanted to know some of the basics.  I got out the coloured markers and some paper and went over the basics with them.

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Be Happy with What You Have.

After our trips to Las Vegas over the last few days I have been thinking about what makes this city tick.  We sit out here beside Lake Mead and at nights we watch plane after plane fly over our heads on final to land at McCarren Airport.  We joke that they come in heavy with cash and fly out light.  Almost everyone on those planes has the same dream floating through their heads.  To be a big winner and head home rich.  I'm sure there is the odd lucky one, but I know I have flown on a lot of flights out of Vegas and for the most part their are long hung over faces trying to sleep it off before they have to go back to the grind when they get home.  For a few short days a person has the opportunity to be whoever they want to be, and tell whatever story they want to tell, but when that plane leaves the runway, it is all left behind.  What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas!!!   As one gets older, the things that are important in life change.  Material things start to take a back seat to experiences.  We notice the little things more.  I think we should all step back every once in a while and ask ourselves what is REALLY important.  Maybe we are just trying too hard to fix things that are not even broken.

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Walking the Strip

We are about 11 days into our stay here so I decided that maybe today I should top up our water to get us through to Sunday.  Besides that, I was dying to try out the new water bladder again.  Off I went to the washroom at the old boat launch area.  The bathrooms are usable but not sparkly clean, but I have been told the water is fine.  It certainly looks good.  There is no tap to hook up to so I had to improvise a hose to fit over the faucet in the sink.  It worked great.

Monday, 2 April 2018

Scrambled Eggs

We headed into Vegas today to check out some restaurant supply places.  As you can imagine there are a lot of these because of the huge number of restaurants in the city.  There are some that are as big as a Costco and only handle used equipment.  I guess they buy up all the stuff that the restaurants change out, most of which is still in good shape.  It is piled on shelves right to the roof.

We were looking for a few things for CJ's back home.  We need a stainless steel prep table and have priced them out at about 500 bucks at home.  We picked one up here for 240 bucks so even with exchange it is a good deal.

Sunday, 1 April 2018

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone.

It was another gorgeous day at Lake Mead and we had a great morning happy hour as usual.  This morning was kind of a planning session for the pot luck that Sue had organized for supper tonight.  Quite a few of the neighbours will be participating and we are looking forward to the social evening.

Saturday, 31 March 2018

A Recollection of John Dyck

Early this morning the entire Dyck family headed out on their journey's back to Manitoba.  It was much earlier than I ever get up so we did hugs and everything last night.  Julie and Ryan will be catching an early flight out of Las Vegas to head back to Manitoba after a very short vacation here.  This is the first time we have met Ryan and it was great to spend a little time getting to know him.  For all its worth Julie, he certainly gets our stamp of approval.  We loved sharing a little time with Julie as well.

Pat and Harold will drop the kids off at the airport and then they will continue on to Manitoba to attend Harold's fathers funeral on Thursday April 5.  They are driving home in their pickup truck which they used to pull their 5er before they traded for the motor home.  They will then fly back here and they can then both ride back home at a slower pace in their motor home.  We will pick them up from the airport on Friday.

Friday, 30 March 2018

A New Water Pump

The water pump on the Jeep has been leaking a little bit for quite a while now and I had bought a new one way back in Texas so I figured maybe it was time to change it.  A couple days ago I poured some radiator flush in the system to give it a good cleaning so it has had time to work.  It was supposed to be a hot day today, so I decided to pull the Jeep under the awning and into Green's Garage to be in the shade.  If you remember a while ago, Harold made a couple of "snipes" for us out of Kyra's broken lawn chair.  Well this was the perfect time to get out the snipe and put it to good use on the tension pulley of the serpentine belt.  It worked perfectly.

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Hoover Dam and Freemont Street

The boys decided that we should tour Hoover Dam today.  Harold and I have been there before but it was a new experience for Ryan and Ed.  We headed out in the morning because this afternoon the girls have a plan for us.  The first stop on the way was to have a look down on the dam from the new bridge.  It is quite an experience to walk across it so high up in the air.  When Harold and I were here in 2010 the bridge was in the construction stage and the center section had not been built yet.  It was just some concrete sticking out of the east and west walls of the Canyon.

How we saw it in 2010

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

A New Way to Haul Water

We started out as usual with a morning Happy Hour.  Our neighbours even came to join us this morning.  They told us all about their plan for driving up the Dempster Highway all the way to the Arctic Ocean this summer.  That would be a trip of a lifetime for sure.

Now that Julie is here we have an event planner to help us keep our lives on the straight and narrow.  Today her friend Ryan is going to fly into Vegas and join us for a few days so she spent a few minutes getting us prepared for when they return from picking him up.

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Charlie gets the Royal Treatment

We have some things to do in town today and one of them is to get Charlie a bath.  He is getting pretty scruffy looking after a winter in the desert so we decided to splurge and get him a trim and a pedicure.

I loved the name of the grooming place...The Soggy Paw.....

They have a self wash area where for $15 bucks you can wash your own dog, or for $45 bucks you can get the full meal deal.  We think Charlie deserves nothing but the best.

Monday, 26 March 2018

A Lifestyle Review

Although we love hanging out at Lake Mead and visiting Las Vegas very much, the wind here can be very harsh and drive you indoors.  Where we park at Government wash has some awesome views down over the lake but the parking area is mostly up on a ridge which is open to the breeze.  Today was one of those days and we just hunkered down for the entire day.  If we were out in the desert we could show you pictures of dust, but it isn't even dusty here.  So today there are no pictures to show what our day was like.

I didn't know what I was going to blog about today so I thought I would write down a few of my thoughts on why we do this kind of fulltime RV lifestyle.  If nothing else it will justify our actions to me once more.  Just today I told Sue that I have absolutely no regrets for choosing this lifestyle, and hope that we can enjoy many more years enjoying it.  She agreed with me that as long as this is something we can do and enjoy doing, we will continue.

Sunday, 25 March 2018

A Trip down the Strip

We had to make a trip into town today for a few supplies.  Not much but some of those important things like milk and bread.  We find we still have to eat even if all we ever do is sit around.  Sue likes to hit up the Albertson's which is a grocery store down here, and Charlie knew that there would be some doggy treats coming when she came out of the store.

Saturday, 24 March 2018

Keeping a Low Profile

One of the things about the Ponderosa that I really like is its ability to really get low to the ground when needed.  We have learned that if we have a spot with an incline, we try to park with the front end on the incline.  That way we can let out the air and it will literally sit down on the ground.  This saves a lot of sprained ankles going up and down.

One of the disadvantages of this advantage is that you have to be very aware of whats beside your slides before putting them out.  We watch others who just put out their slides without an outside inspection because they never come close to the ground.  Because ours has compartments that go out with the slide, it is low to begin with, and if we let the front end down, we can actually get into the dirt with it.  In our current spot I actually had to move a couple rocks to let the slide go out.

Friday, 23 March 2018

The North Migration continues

Our official migration to the Great White North is underway.  Today we plan to put another hundred miles or so behind us.  We don't want to get in a big hurry because we don't want to catch up to any cold weather.  So today we will head for Las Vegas.  This will be the 7th trip to Las Vegas for Sue and I and we hardly ever gamble.  The lights of the strip tend to draw you in just like the mountains do, or a bonfire does.  We love to visit there.

Another Day in Paradise

Because we are in such a great spot, we have no urge to go anywhere.  I know it makes for a boring story, but we always look at each other and say, "what do you want to do today?"  And the answer seems to be to sit on the shore and enjoy the sun and nature.  I can't apologize for that, because it is just not wrong.   For example, this morning as I was preparing my coffee, this is what floated by.
Six Canadian Geese!!!They were quite content to just hang around the shore and look for handouts.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Dave and Cheryl came to Visit

When I woke up this morning I was surprised to see Sue dressed and ready to head out the door for a kayak ride.  I am usually the first one up so this was a change of tradition.  It was a beautiful morning for a nice paddle around the lake.  She was gone for about an hour.

After Sues voyage, Lessie decided to take the kayak for a little spin.  Lessie had never been in a kayak before but she caught on real quick.  She was soon whizzing up and down along the beach.

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Another Project and Some Fun

Another successful Happy Hour this morning.  We talked for a long time and never came to one conclusion.  That is sort of how it goes when you are retired with nothing to do.   It wasn't long and it was time for lunch.

Monday, 19 March 2018

A Quiet Stroll in the Desert

Although it has been quite breezy and cool here, this is sure a beautiful area to spend some time.  This spot is a 7 day camping spot, but because there are not a lot of people here, we are going to stay until Friday which will be 10 days.  If people start to move in and need spots we will move on.
Charlie and I went for a nice walk this morning up into the hills.  The weather is great for walks in that it in neither too hot nor too cold.  I should be doing way more walking than I do.  This nice wash goes straight up toward the hills from our campsite.  That's us under tree #2.

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Boats in the Bay

It was a beautiful day at Telephone Cove today.  We enjoyed our morning Happy Hour and then did some kayaking.  There were some sail boats out on the lake just cruising around enjoying the breeze. 

Not long after, a nice little boat came putting up near us and set anchor.  They had a dingy on the back and lowered it and came ashore.  They had never been in this cove so were interested in what it was all about.  We think it would be neat to spend some time living on a boat and just anchoring in a different cove each night.