Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Good News

WHERE ARE WE?           Rivers Provincial Park, Rivers Manitoba

NEXT DESTINATION?    Mexico this Fall?  Fingers Crossed

I am happy to report that our Brother in Law, Chuck, has had successful heart surgery and is ready to go.  He received 2 stents and they tell him he will make a full recovery.  That is great news for someone as young as him.  He has lots of life left yet!!  Get well soon Chuck!!

Between the parks maintenance staff and Sue and I we have been getting ready for a busy season.  The Rivers Provincial Park is a popular little spot for lots of people in the summer.  We were just calculating and the park is only open for 4 months of the year.  That means all the fishing and swimming and tanning and laying on the beach has to be done in that time frame so we had better be ready for them to arrive.  One of the problems parks people have is that the frost has not come out of the ground yet and the sewer and water lines are still frozen in spots.  When they freeze, sometimes the pipes break or come apart at the joints.  Then they have to get the backhoe in to dig them up.

CJ's is all cleaned up on the inside and ready for Sue to stock it all up with all the food and Ice Cream.  Next job is the golf course.  First thing we do is blow all the leaves to the outside of the course where we can haul them away.

It seems like the golf course is a little worse for wear this year.  It is definitely time for paint.  That will keep us busy for quite a while.  Lots of the wooden parts need to be replaced as well. 

The other thing that we need to do is to get the kayaks out of storage.  Last fall we partnered up with the Riverdale Recreation Commission to provide kayaks for the public to use and for the department to use for their summer Kayaking programs.  We did not have time to see how well it will go over last year, so this year will be interesting.  I am confident that there will be lots of interest in using them.  I headed into town to get them out of storage.

The view out our window is very peaceful with an empty parking lot but that will change soon I'm sure.  


  1. A lot of work, but I'm sure it will all look great when you are done! That CJ's sign just melts my heart.

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