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Monday, 12 December 2016

Generator Fixed

Today we got the right starter put on the Ponderosa and hit the start button.  It whirled over better than it ever has.  So happy to have it back on line.  I would like to thank Mid Florida Diesel in Bartow FL for all of their work tracking down the problem and getting us back up and running so quickly.  When I went to pay the bill, I was surprised at how fair they were with their charges.  We were there 5 different times off and on trying to track down the problem.  They only charged us for 6 hrs labour and they had two guys working on it every time.   Bottom line is, if you ever need generator work done, go to these guys.  They are very knowledgeable and professional and make you feel good about the work they do.  And to top it off the ladies in the office are awesome at tracking down parts and have infectious smiles as well.

Our travels today took us up to the Tallahassee area.  We stayed in a Walmart parking lot in the town of Crawfordville Fl.  There was a lot of nice country to see along the way.

We had to go into Walmart to do some shopping and were met with this reminder on the way in.

Our view out the window today.


  1. The view out your window is always warmer looking than mine, go figure!
    What a fun trip you guys are having. I have enjoyed reading your blog.

    1. Thanks so much for commenting. We never know you are watching unless you comment. It is warm here 80F right now but without snow and cold we are having trouble getting in the Christmas spirit.

  2. I've been to Crawfordville, but we boondocked up in the Apalachicola National Forest. There is a worm grunting festival held in Sopchoppy every year in April.

    1. I would love to see that. In fact I think I will enter you and I as a team in the worm grunting and then we will go do the pig calling in Mississippi.