Monday, 5 December 2016

Snowbirds for a couple days

Today we got up and headed to Bartow Fl to Mid Florida Diesel to talk to them about looking at our Generator problem.  I knew after a couple minutes that these guys knew what they were doing and they said to go get the Motor home and they would look at it after lunch.  I found out that these guys do all the generator work for Camping World and also do repair and maintenance for NASA in central Florida.

There shop is not big but is really busy.  Josh immediately met us when we drove in and began his exploration.  Within 1/2 hour he had determined that everything was ok except for the circuit board.  These are not a stock item and have to come from the factory.  They looked it up and said it would take up to a week for delivery.  We asked them to look into overnight air and it can be here tomorrow around noon for an extra 50 bucks or so.  So the part is coming by air tomorrow.

The shop said we could plug into 15 amp power at their shop and stay there until we are fised but because it is a hot humid day and is supposed to be the same tomorrow we booked into a snowbird park about 5 miles down the road which has 50 amp service for AC and a lovely swimming pool right across the road.  We will just suffer it out here for a couple days.

Swimming pool out our front window

The view from our window tonight.


  1. Your view out the window is exactly why we don't like RV parks! Hope you get the generator fixed quickly so you don't have to stick around there too long.

  2. Oh and I never even mentioned all the rules here. No dogs over 35 lbs. Cant walk him on streets, have to take him in jeep to dog walk area.

    1. I know you are there for a reason but as soon as you mentioned the rules, I would have been outta there!


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