Tuesday, 4 April 2017

I found my own Dinosaur

This morning started out to be beautiful but the wind was a little over the top.  The wind would sure dry things up on the beach in a hurry and that is a good thing because right after supper we have to move out of here.  Our time expires at 8:00 pm.  Even with the rough weather we have enjoyed it here just because we are near water.

Charlie and I went for a walk this morning and guess what we saw sticking out of the sand??

Your right!!! Our very own dinosaur.  We carefully exposed it and it seemed to be fully intact.  It would be anyones guess how long it had been there but I'm thinking not quite a million years.

We were going to contact the Smithsonian Institute or someplace like that to see if they would be interested in studying it and putting it on display, but then I thought that I should name it myself and keep it on display in the Ponderosa.  Who knows, maybe someone would pay to see it some day.   So if you ever want to see my dinosaur, you just have to ask.  Oh and I have named him Sandasoras Greenatitas just because I can. I think I will call him Ralph for short.

After the exciting find, Sue and I headed out to check out Horseshoe Bend.  It is a few miles south of Page AZ and from the parking lot a 3/4 mile hike out to the rim.  There were lots of people there for a Tuesday.

Sue and Charlie posed for a picture and I returned the favour.  Notice the proximity to the edge in the two pictures.  I have a tough time with heights and Sue not so much.

Step back she said.
The view is absolutely gorgeous and is certainly worth the walk down there.

On the way back I finally got a picture of a desert lizard.  There have been lots around this winter, but every time I go to take a picture they speed off with Charlie chasing them.  This guy stood still just long enough for me to get his picture and Charlie didn't even see him.

After the Horseshoe Bend we headed to Antelope Canyon to check out the tour cost.  We found out it was $33.00 a person so decided that we will save that one for another day.  We went further down the road to the Antelope Point Marina.

At the marina there is a floating restaurant, so we decided to have lunch down there.  It is a long way down to the bottom and I wondered how I would fair climbing back up.

As we were heading down I noticed a golf cart coming up.  Guess what, they have a shuttle to bring you back up to the top.  Now I could enjoy lunch and not worry about the walk up.

Beautiful big restaurant and bar with natural fish swimming in the water outside the windows.  We had a great lunch and I had fish and chips in keeping with being on the water.

Sue found a duck friend after lunch as we headed over to the houseboat rental area.  

We ran into a very interesting guy at the boat rental who is known as the Story Teller around the marina.  Rusty also does some guiding around the area and told us if we come back next year he will take 5 of us out for a whole day and show us a lot of really neat things including dinosaur tracks, sunken ships, and tell us stories the whole way.  I think it sounds like something we should do.

Story teller Rusty heading off to tell another story
After our discussion with Rusty he let us tour a house boat in case we wanted to rent one for a while some time.  They have them from 44 feet long to 75 feet long with hot tubs upstairs.

For about 3000 for a week we could get one that would hold 10 people which isn't a bad price.  Just in case we decide to rent one, Susan decided to practice being the Captain.  I guess that would mean I would be swabbing the deck.

When we got back to the Ponderosa on the beach we had to pack up and move up the road to where Kyra was parked for the night.  Our camping pass runs out at 8 pm tonight.

Because it was dark by the time we got packed up and moved, I will leave with a drone picture I took just before we left the beach.

Tonight we are camped in a gravel pit at Big Water Utah, 37.08102N -111.65614W. It was dark outside so I can't see anything from our window.


  1. Congratulations on the dinosaur discovery ... I'm sure you will be famous one day! We did a tour of Antelope Canyon and felt it was well worth the money.

    1. It was actually your blog that I looked at and I agree it would be worth it. We just decided to save it for another day.


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