Sunday, 10 May 2020

Another Week in the Life!!

WHERE ARE WE? Rivers Provincial Park, Rivers, Manitoba, Canada
NEXT DESTINATION? South in the Fall

Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful moms of the world. 

We spent until this Thursday morning in isolation as per the instructions when we crossed the border from the USA.  We had lots to do because Sheri and the kids were arriving on Thursday to spend a month or 6 weeks with us and help us out with our start up.  They have been self isolating and are ready to get here and get to work.  I got busy and built a quick wall in the shack that we can use for a bedroom when the kids are here and for an office later.

We don't have any paneling right now so we put up some of our signs to keep it warm and cozy in there.  We won't win any prizes for pretty.

One of the things that we have always wondered was how many of each item we sell so this year I set the till up with PLU's.  It will make it simple to punch in an order as well as keep track of every item we sell.  Hope it helps out.  I had to get the book out, as well as watching a few You Tube videos.

We have actually enjoyed our quiet time and have done lots of work around CJ's but finally our sentence was up.  Sue cut the ribbon (caution tape) for us and we headed off to Brandon. 

We had groceries ordered from Super Store and had to pick them up at 11:00 am.  We didn't go inside in case we walked the wrong way!!!

Because we were out of isolation the grand kids could come to visit.  Everyone has been trying to have minimal contact with others so everyone is quite sure there is no virus in the family right now.  Sure there are risks to everything, but this is one risk we as a family have talked about and feel that we can deal with it. 

First to arrive were Grace and Max.  Gramma was a little bit happy to see them!!   This is how you should social distance with Grandkids.

A little later in the day Sheri and Donovan and Dani showed up.  Woo Hoo!!  We are looking forward to spending lots of time with them.

Max took a liking to his cousin Donovan almost immediately and loves playing with him. 

And Max and Dani have made a bit of a bond as well.

Because we were not here for Christmas, the kids bought us some Christmas stuff.  We always enjoy the thought they put into it.  My mom used to always buy me a Caramilk bar for almost any occasion, so Sheri has took up the tradition.  I always think of Mom when I get one of these.

And of course the curling thing for old gramps.  I will use this in Mexico I'm sure.

And of course for any of you that have heard Sues story about "Focus"! now she has the cup to show for it.   If you don't know the story, the only way she will tell you is if it is in person.   So you need to find us to hear the story.

We all got to work and started fixing up the golf course.  The main thing we need is paint so we are getting everything ready for that.  The kids will be a big help with this process.

Friday was ice cream day so Sheri and I headed into Brandon and picked up an order.  Although we are not opening for another week, we need ice cream around here because we have grand children!!  We got 10 pails so have a little selection.

And as you can see the kids have been trying out their favorite flavours.

Saturday morning was a bit of a surprise to all of us.  There was a nice blanket of snow on the ground.  Sue and I actually liked it because this is the first snow we have had this spring.  Snow is actually very pretty, but for anyone that has had it for the last 6 months, they are getting a little tired of it.   Actually the weather is going to be cold here for about a week.  Some night time lows are going to be in the -8 range.  That is cold enough to make hard water I think!!

We went for a walk the other night and saw the Super Moon in the evening sky.  We are happy to be back in this part of the country that we call home.  Hope you are happy where you are as well!!


  1. Glad your sentence is up and you can enjoy those wonderful family hugs!!!! We too have had snow a couple of times over the past few days, hopefully we'll have a warm up by mid week. Enjoy!!

  2. Glad to hear you are out of isolation "jail". How great to be able to see and hug grandbabies and kids. Really happy for you guys and just a tad bit jealous...enjoy and take care.

  3. Great to be out of jail, we know the feeling. Nice to be able to see the kids and get hugs. All the best with the "Shack" for the season.

  4. I concur after breaking free, we tried to behave and stay away from the hugs but couldn't do it. Yesterday we got to get our first grandchild hug and looking forward to more!
    What will be will be and it's time to get out there again!
    I'll take a chocolate almond mocha please! Two scoops in a cone. :) Look forward to a face to face to hear Sue's story. One day, I hope!

  5. Congrats on completing your sentence and you can now visit with the Grands.
    Things are coming along inside CJ's.
    Wishing Sue a belated Mothers Day Wish.
    Be Safe and Enjoy being Focused.

    It's about time.

  6. Free! Free at last. Great to see the kids and grandkids. Take care.

  7. Nothing better than hugs from the grandkids! Looks like a nice park.

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  9. Hello Lorne and Susan
    I was wondering what is happening with the plans to head for Mexico this winter

  10. wow such an amazing article thanks for sharing.


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